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August 17 Edition

Happy First Day of School Eve!

As we prepare for the start of the school year, we have a special video message for parents, which includes tips and additional information for the school year. Please let us know if you need additional information or if you have additional questions. Have a great start to the school year.

Special Back to School Presentation:

Special Back to School Presentation Recording:

Seniors - Class of 2021 - Immunization Requirement update

Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, a booster dose of Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV) is required for all students entering 12th grade. Students must be up to date on required immunizations.

Students have 30 calendar days from their first day of school to provide documentation of compliance. If not in compliance with the immunization or health assessment laws after 30 days, students will be excluded.

Parents of rising seniors must contact their child's health care provider or call Mecklenburg County Health Department at (704) 336-6500 for immunization clinic appointments.

Now is the time to prepare for next school year, especially for students entering Kindergarten, grades 7 and 12. Please make a note of this new requirement for rising seniors.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Health Department is offing Big Shot Saturdays where families can come out on Saturdays for immunizations. The information for the Big Shot Saturday events are below:

8/29 8-5 - Southeast Health Department (SEHD) (Billingsley Rd)

9/12 8-5 - Southeast Health Department (SEHD)

All by appointment only. - Phone Number # (704) 336-6500

Power School - Parent Portal Access - (Please register if you do not already have an account.)

Parent Access

Parental involvement is critical to a child's education. That's why CMS has provided a user-friendly web application to help parents and families become more involved in education. Parents can check their child's homework assignments, attendance reports, grades and other items from any computer, any time using PowerSchool. There is also an app for the Parent Portal that can be downloaded for ease of usage.

Parents will be able to set up their own accounts with access information provided by the school. (Please email your child's counselor for your pin if you have not signed up before. The contact information is listed in a link in the communication section of this newsletter.)

Parent Login:

  1. CLICK HERE to Navigate to the Parent PowerSchool Portal.
  2. Click the PowerSchool button.
  3. Login with your parent PowerSchool username and password information (please contact your child's school if you have questions about this information).

Back to School Letter and Inserts

Please see the following document that includes the back to school letter and inserts that were included for all students. Many letters were not received by families in a timely manner, so I've included them here in case you haven't received your mailing.

Have a Great School Year!