Battle of Bunker Hill

By :Dorothy Aulenbacher


Did you know that the Battle of Bunker Hill was one of the most important portant battle of the reviloshinary war. The Generals had a good relationship with there troops. The sides didn't get along with each other then the shot from the British and that how it began. The Battle was important because the British had 3,000 men and the Americans had 2,400.those were the three main subjects of the Battle of Bunker Hill.


General Thomas Gage was born in 1721,Ficie,Sussex,England.General Gage was ulso in the French and Indian war.Gage trained his 3,000 men in North America for ten years.With the outcome of the battle General Gage was found barracded by the contionental army. The outcome was the British won with heavy losses. The Americans got word that the British were coming and tried to secure Bunker Hill.General William prescot helped them secure the Hill and lead them into the Battle Of Bunker Hill.