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Our shop is the best way to better and clearer skin

If you have acne, proactive will be bundles of joy for you, I mean bundles. It comes in. 3 bottles:

Bottle 1- renewing cleanser

Bottle 2- revitalizing toner

Bottle 3- repairing treatment

Never hold back to your new future

Your simple solution for clearer skin

All you have to do it apply it when u wash your face and use all 3 of them


Acne is tough, on teens, and on women and men of all ages. The effects of acne are not just skin deep; acne impacts your self-esteem. Being in control of your acne frees you to feel positive about your skin – and yourself --outside and inside. That's what Proactiv can do for you, help reveal your true self to the world. Proactiv combines proven safe and effective acne fighters into an easy to use, daily skin care regimen. With Proactiv, your beautiful skin, and the confidence that comes with it, will continue to improve even after your acne has cleared. That is priceless.

  • Fastest, gentlest, most effective Proactiv acne treatment ever
  • Fights acne with exclusive Smart Target Technology, delivering 2x more medicine into the pores
  • 1st skincare system to manage acne and take care of other skin issues
  • Reduces the look of large pores, uneven texture and tone, visible dark marks and loss of radiance