English 3

Module 9 Lesson 2 Completion

TODAY: Module 9 Lesson 2 – Welty Background, Formative Assessment, & Completion Assignments

Today we're going to look at the background of another renowned Southern author, Eudora Welty. Her famous short story, “A Worn Path”, is one of my favorites. It's also a good period piece, providing us with a sense of what life was like 'back then'. You will read this engaging story this week.

To learn a bit more about this author, I've included a link here for you to explore. http://www.eudorawelty.org/

Please complete TODAY's assignment BEFORE you move on to your MAKE UP Work.

So jump into learning and when I can help, let me know!

High five to Vania today for her biopoem about Judy. She really did a great job choosing adjectives to perfectly describe her.

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