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It's not about what you did in the past, it's about what you do today!

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Accessing your Assignments

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All of your assignments and course handouts will be digitally uploaded to this folder.

Course Handouts

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Classwork & Homework

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Algebra Handouts Folder

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Select Unit One Note file

**(must download each time there is a new assignment added to get updated notebook)

Progress Reports and Report Cards

*All Progress Reports and Report Cards must be signed and returned for a Homework grade.

Tracking Student Progress

Progress Book is used to track students' academic progress such as, classwork, homework, tests, quizzes, etc. in each of their classes. Parents and students have access to this page and will need to use their username and password assigned by OCPS. *Please contact the school if you do not possess this information.

Click on the button below to access the login page.

Progress Book


Test and Quiz Corrections


1) Do not erase or write on original test/quiz.

2) Show corrected problems on a separate sheet of paper.

3) Show work if needed.

4) Give explanation as to why you were incorrect if no work is required.

5) Turn in with corrections stapled to the original test or quiz.

6) Make sure you labeled it TEST/QUIZ Corrections and include your name,period, and date.



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If you want to sign up for both you need to go to the website two times.

Fill out all of the appropriate information.

Access Your Textbook


1) GO TO:

*make sure it says ocps if not your in the wrong place.

2) Login with...

Username: ID #

Password: your password to sign on to the computer.

3) Click on Icon "HMH" (looks like picture on the right)

*textbook should be on dashboard.

Math XL

1) Go to:

2) Pearson MathXL icon (image pictured to the left)

3) Assignments (you have 4 attempts at each question)

GPA Calculation

Calculate your GPA by following this link and directions.

Khan Academy

1) Go to:

2) Khan Academy SAT Icon (image pictured to the left)

3) Subject

4) Algebra 1

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