Chemistry Of Life

Kathleen Skye , Joe

Water Information

  • When water is attracted to other water molecules it is called Adhesion
  • When water is attracted to water it is called Cohesion
  • Water is polar due to unequal sharing of electrons.
  • Water molecules are in the shape of Mickey Mouse
  • Water is commonly used to store thermal heat energy.
  • Pure water has a pH very close to 7


Macromolecules are large molecules , Four Types : Carbonhydrates , protein , nucleic acid , lipids . They all contain carbon . They all consist of structure & all three contain storage


  • Carbohydrates are among the most abundant compounds on earth.
  • they are broken down into five major classifications of carbohydrates,which are monosaccharides, disaccharides,nucleotides.
  • The function of the carbohydrates is to provide energy for working muscles ,providing fuel for the central nervous system