Stress management

What you should know!

Stress makes you stress more!

Stress is an emotional strain resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Believe it or not stress can actually impale you ability to cope with stress! Stress can disturb neurons in your preferential cortex. This can cause you to ignore reasoning and logical thinking, leading to irresponsible decisions.

Stress can cause many physical problems as well!

Stress can change your entire body. Stress can cause you to lose weight. Stress can desture neurons communications leading to muscle spams or even the lost ability to relax muscles this can be very painful and can even tear muscles. Stress can raise blood pressure which can even be fatal for some. Stress can bring on many mental disabilities from the constant rewiring of neurons in the brain, leading to anxiety, depression, bipolar ,paranoia ect. Stress can deprive a lot of people of sleep which can cause more stress which leads back to the chain reaction.

Life can be stressful for teens!

From parents to relationships jobs school becoming and adult and friends, and personal struggles life can be a hassle.

There are plenty of ways to cope!

Coping with stress may seem difficult but really it involves doing things that will make you happy. One of the simplest and easiest ways to help is to simply smile! Smiling can relies dopamine into your blood actually making you happier! Exercises does the same thing. Doing things that you enjoy. Reorganizing your working space. Making a scheduled or plan. For most coming in direct contact can raise vitamin D which is used for making dopamine. For some with seasonal activation disorder this can feel escaping from a cage. Spending time with friends can give reassurance. Just make sure you're with the right crowd. Sometimes a change of scenery is good too. Taking a vacation to get away from life. Car rides are one of my favorites.

Negative ways to cope.

There are negative ways to cope which can feel good in the moments but be short term and affect your health. Self harm, drug abuse, aggression, Suppressing emotion, Avoiding eating, manipulation of other people, obsessive thoughts.
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