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December 14 -18, 2015

Notices and Highlighted Events

'Tis the Season.....

Thank you, Kristi Grimes and JMQ Honors Choir, for sharing your beautiful voices with us on Tuesday evening!
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The Weekly Scoop

Secret Santa - All week for those who have chosen to participate

Lion's Club Food Drive - Bring your donations Monday for jeans reward(s) as described in my prior email!

Monday, 12/14/15

  • Submit all your time sheets through December 12th Monday morning if you want to be paid
  • Hudson PEP Tour, Kindergarten - 4th grades
  • Jada Owens, speaker, and Lucas Bass, signer, will lead the pledges at the Board of Trustees General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the ESC
Tuesday, 12/15/15
  • Math Coaches will be on campus all day and meet with 3-5 math teachers during conference time in the Data Room (During walkthroughs they expect to see:
Vertically and horizontally-aligned lesson plans that reflect your schedule,

APS-Check Problem of the Day as a think-aloud,

Number talks,

Small group math rotations with student-student talk,

Student use of manipulative objects,

Students who can talk about their learning, and

Other best practices strategies.)

Wednesday, 12/16/15

  • PLCs will not meet
  • We are honored to have Mr. Ezell Stephens on our campus to share his story with intermediate students (Special district guests and the media have been invited to meet our special guest and enjoy a meal of his Heavenly Sent Fried Chicken.)

Thursday, 12/17/15

  • Kindergarten - Polar Express Day
  • 4:00 JMQ Staff Christmas Party, El Sombrero (Make sure to RSVP to Beverly by Monday!)

Friday, 12/18/15

  • First Grade celebrates the book, The Polar Express
  • 8:30 - Students are invited to attend a musical presentation in the gym (Teachers, this is optional, but all who come must be seated and in place promptly at 8:30. The JMQ Honors Choir and Dr. Jim Taylor from Kilgore College, will perform. This will not be advertised to parents due to space constraints.)
  • 10:00 - Primary Parties
  • 10:30 - Intermediate Parties
  • 12:00 - Early Dismissal
Heaven Sent Fried Chicken Commercial

Professional Development

A few thoughts....

Each of you has an exhausting "to do" list this time of year. I will not ask you to reflect using a Google Form or a Padlet post this week, but I hope you will take time to read the insightful blog entry below by clicking the button link. I have also included below the Prezi previously emailed to you that I want you to see before we return from Christmas Break.

As I think about the present days and the future possibilities for the students at Johnston-McQueen, I see a significant number of students who do not have an effective external or internal rudder. When children are sent to my office and we talk, it often becomes apparent that they have few "mirrors" outside of school to shape and lead them down a more positive path. Students need "mirrors" they can relate to that show them there is a better way!

This Wednesday, thanks to Gail Stephens, we are introducing a few of our students to a "mirror" of possibilities. Gail's brother-in-law, Ezell Stephens, is an entrepreneur and restaurant owner in Seattle, Washington. He owns Heaven Sent Fried Chicken, and he will share his story with many of our intermediate students. The challenge for us is to give our students a panorama of positive, realistic role models (in addition to those given by the sports media) so that they may begin to dream of possibilities they have never imagined for themselves. If we are instrumental in planting a dream and shaping the behaviors to achieve it, we will have done a great thing for those kids who walk on the edge.

I wish each of you a joyous Christmas! May God refresh you as you enjoy time with friends and family! I am grateful for the mirror of caring you offer and kindness you show to children and to one another. Merry Christmas!

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Superheroes Don't Always Wear Capes

I think I have shared this blog post previously with some of you, but it merits another visit. You are superheroes in my book! And, unlike the blog post, I have seen a few of you wear capes!

After reading The Fundamental 5, deepen your understanding by viewing this super Prezi (link below) by Shelley Keck! This is due before our Staff Development Day on January 4th. I will send out the Staff Development Schedule toward the end of Christmas Break.

Over Christmas Break...

I love Pinterest and Twitter because they enable us to learn and connect. If you have not joined Twitter, please do. You can connect with the experts! Use it for your own professional development based on what you think you need to help your students. Take a look at the buttons below when you have the time.
What Makes a Parent Love a Teacher

A winning relationship with parents makes a teacher's and principal's job so much easier!

Top Tips for New Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers

A 5th grade teacher at Hudson (now in my old position, I think), has been making and selling classroom materials successfully on TPT. Take a look if you are interested. It takes creativity, design sense, and energy - abundant attributes at JMQ.

Hello Literacy

This is a good post. There are other topics on the page's sidebar you also might find interesting. The bouncy balls are available at

Inform Ed Blog

There are some great links within this article. If you have ideas, talk to Allison. We have challenges, but they are not insurmountable. If nothing else, connect your "buddy" classrooms in a digital project! Start small, but dream big!

Longview ISD Foundation Grants

Let's see more of you submit grants this year. Need an idea? Capstone Interactive Books would be a tremendous grant! Work together! Help one another! Every single one of you has a resource/instructional classroom need. Write a grant!