Self driving cars allowed

Everywhere? By:Emma Blessing and Jessie Chilnick

Why they should be allowed everywhere?

There is only a limit of places self driving cars are allowed to go. We think self driving should be allowed everywhere though because, self driving cars have new technology to make driving safer, they don't use gas and anyone can drive the car, but not literally drive it!

How they work?

Self driving cars have radar cameras, GPS and so much more technology to see the world around it. Self driving cars were made to keep people safer when their driving and to help their be less accidents. Self driving cars even have so much technology to make the car stay in lanes, park and stop.

What would it be like without self driving cars on the road?

Without self driving cars you´re probably thinking that it would be the same as always, it would be the same as always with the thousand of crashes every hour. More than 32,000 people die from accidents all over the US. Also, 2.5 million people go to hospitals a year because of vechicular accidents.