Win for the Whale Shark

By: Elijah and A.J.

Help Save the Whale Shark

Can you help us save the Whale Shark? these beautiful animals are big and loving they mean us no harm. They are very peaceful and calm animals. If you love marine wild life then help save the Whale Sharks.

How Whale Sharks Help the Ocean

These marine giants are known to roam the ocean's and the globe. They are gentle and caring they will some times gather in areas with a large amount of plankton their food. That makes them a attraction to tourist. They indicate plankton and the health of the ocean. They eat small schools of fish.

Facts About the Whale Shark

  • Whale Sharks come from a animal group called Chondrichthyes, which includes sharks, rays, and skates.
  • When tons of Whale Sharks come together they some times become tourists attractions.

Why You Should Save Them

You should save them because they help keep are oceans healthy . They are peaceful and are very calm so if you don't harm them that is . The world wildlife fund for nature organization is a organization that helps save all kinds endangered species or vulnerable animals . They play a special part in saving the Whale Sharks. The Whale shark species is very big but can do great things that show it's important to it's habitat.
Whale Sharks

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