Evil Project

by: Ashley Baresich

Evil- Action or feeling of being malicious towards another person or object.

My definition ties all three of these stories together because throughout each story, the main characters end up being a villain towards another person. The stories never end peacefully.

"Former addict helps break homeless cycle"

Kim Carter, a woman from California, decided to act upon the widespread issue of homelessness. Since she was homeless before, she knows the feeling. She admits that she "calls them invisible people. We pretend that we don't see them." Beginning in 2002, she had saved over 800 women from being homeless. The campaign she runs is called Time For Change. In this nonprofit organization, she helps homeless women reclaim their lives. In this group, her and others provide basic needs-- such as shelter, food, and clothing. Carter also reunites mothers with their children. Overall, Kim Carter demonstrates good behavior because she rescues vulnerable people in a time of need and despair.