Kingdoms of Africa

Fallon Judd 2nd period World History Harris

The Kingdom of Ghana

Location: Upper Niger River valley, between the Sahara and the tropical forests along the West African coast.

Government: They had kings that ruled without rules and they relied on an army of thousands of men to protect their kingdom and enforce their wishes.

Economy: Their economy was based off of farmers but Ghana prospered because of its abundant supply of iron ore and gold. They would usually trade gold for other products.

Collapse: Ghana had flourished for many years but eventually it weakened because of wars during the 1100s.

The Kingdom of Mali

Location: On the Atlantic Coast but extends far inland to Timbuktu.

Government: They had local rulers in each village. The rulers were both religious and administrative. Very strong gov.

Economy: The richest king doubled the size of Mali. Rulers would collect taxes of Mali.

Collapse: The civil war divided Mali in 1359.

The Kingdom of Songhai

Location: The Songhai people lived along the Niger River, south of the bend.

Government: in 1464 Sunni Ali created a new dynasty, the Sunni.

Economy: The dynasty conquered many areas including Timbuktu and Jenne. This gave Songhai control over the trading empire that had mande Ghana and Mali so prosperous.

Collapse: Near the end of the 16th century, the forces of the sultan of Morocco occupied much of Songhai.