Second Grade News

Rasor Elementary Plano, Texas

October 13, 2015

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

We would like to thank you for taking time to visit with us about your child's progress this week. Our partnership with you in helping your child grow as a learner is a very valuable relationship. We know that with us working together, we can help your child achieve much success!

Upcoming Important Dates

Monday, October 12th - Students Holiday and Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Wednesday, October 14th - Plano Senior High School Homecoming Parade @ 6:00 - Pep Rally after the Parade in the PSHS gym - GO WILDCATS!

Friday, October 16th - Nine Weeks Assembly and Read to a Million Kick-off

Friday, October 16th - PSHS Homecoming Game

October 19th - 23rd - Book Fair Week

Wednesday, October 21st - Fall Picture Day

Thursday, October 22 - Literacy Night - Camp Read-A-Lot @ 6:00

October 26th - 30th - Red Ribbon Week - more information coming

Friday, October 31st - Red Ribbon Week Parade - 8:00 am - 2nd Grade Box Cars - more information below

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Homework for the week of October 12th - 16th

Your child's homework is posted in your child's ROCKET folder. Homework will be given to the students on Friday and then it is due by the following Friday.

Homework for this upcoming week is as follows:

  1. Reading – at least 20 minutes nightly - initial in the box each day your child reads for at least 20 minutes. Also, remember to have them fillout their reading log.
  2. Reading Fluency Passage - your child is to read the passage three times for one minute. Read the passage once and time for one minute. Count the number of words read correctly. Practice passage and then read a second time and time for one minute. Count the number of words read in one minute. Practice passage again and then read for the third time and count the number of words read in one minute.
  3. —Math – October Monthly Math Booklet - Days 12-15
  4. Spelling - Your child needs to complete 2 activities that follow the spelling pattern and Dolch words for the week. The spelling pattern is words with the silent "e"

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Learn 2 Earn - Motivate reading and writing to develop lifelong learners

Student online reading log. Your child has been set up with your teacher classroom. Once they receive their login, they will be able to go on log in their minutes. They are also able to leave message and answer questions. They get to earn coins for reading and writing about their books their have read.

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News in Second Grade

On October 30th we will have our Rasor Red Ribbon Week Parade. We thought it would be really neat to have the students make a boxcar for the parade. They will make the boxcar at home and then bring it to school on Friday, October 3oth. This is optional, however, we would love for all of the students to try and participate. Below you will find the directions on how you can make a boxcar. The only difference is, we are not going to sit in them, we will walk in the parade in them. (See the pictures below) They can decorate the box however they want. There are all kinds of cool ideas on how to decorate your car. Let there personalities shine. The only requirement is the car needs to say something about being DRUG FREE! We are looking forward to seeing all of the cars. Our hallway will be the parking lot. Please do not sent the boxcar up until October 30th.
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School/Home Connection


Here are just a few story book characters. Thank you for working with your child on the 1st Family Project. They turned out really cute!

2nd Grade Classloom Parent/Teacher Communication

This year we will be using Classloom for a form of communication. Your child brought home a letter/email about joining our Classloom site. You have to be invited to join our group in order to view and participate within the site. Once you have been invited, we will get a notification to accept you as member. Once we have accepted you as a member, you will get an email stated that you have joined our group. We hope that this will be a great way to provide you with information you need to know.

R.O.C.K.E.T Folder

Remember to check your child's folder each night. When we send home completed work, it is put in the back pocket (stay at home) and when we have notes from the office or us, we usually put them in the front pocket so that you see them when you open the folder. Even though the pocket says "Bring back to school," we do not want them back unless it is something that you are to fill out and return to school.

Important Information

Learning Through Technology

BEDTIME MATH - a new math site and a great resource

Last week it was reported in the Journal of Science that the use of the App over the course of a year improved children's math skills by as much as three months more than their counterparts.

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The Leader in Me

Mission Statement:

Developing Leaders One Child at a Time

Vision Statement:

To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy

Seven Habits of Happy Kids

What are the 7 Habits:

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin with the End in Mind
  3. Put First Things First
  4. Think Win-Win
  5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the Saw

Second Grade Mission Statement

We Will

Be a leader by being

Engaged in learning

Always doing our best

Listening quietly

Earning starbucks

Always being polite

Doing the right thing by realizing that

Every habit is important in

Reaching our GOALS and becoming a Leader

Rasor Elementary

Rasor Elementary, with the community, will give us a safe, caring place to learn and reach our dreams.