The R.M.S Titanic Sinks

April 14, 1912 By: Spencer Phelan

When the Titanic Sank

All of a sudden, the temperature dropped very fast, then they heard it, the bell from the crows nest, (which the crows nest didn't have binoculars because a key wasn't passed to substitute) and screamed, "ICEBERG Ahead!!!" then, pieces of ice fell onto the deck.
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Captain and Crew Tried Their Best, But Only Bought Them Some Time

Neverless, the Captain and his crew tried their best effort to turn the massive vessel to avoid the impact but it was useless because the iceberg had damaged 5 compartments which couldn't stop the biggest ship in the world from sinking.
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What Happened

Consequentially the ship sank in 3hrs, and without any ships nearby the captain had to evacuate 2240 people, but with only 16 boats and 4 collapsables, there was only room for 1178, but altogether, and after all only 720 would survive.

When it Happened and What was Found

Although the Titanic's shipwreck happened on April 14,1912 at 2:20 in the North Atlantic, it was discovered on September 1, 1985. Also many items were found including Shoes, Jewelry, Menus, Name Plates, ETC.

The Youngest Survivor

Millvina Dean, only 9 weeks old when it happened. All in all, the Titanic wasn't so unsinkable after all.
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