The Road To Rio ...

Grades 4, 5 and 6 Sports Day

St. Joseph's Institution International Elementary School

Our big day is finally here ...

The atmosphere at SJII ES is electric this week as all the months of preparation for the first ever ES Stadium Sports Day approaches. The athletes have selected their events, and have been busy practicing and preparing. The Olympic Torch has also started making its way around the Grade 4, 5 and 6 classes in readiness for its arrival at the stadium.

On The Day ...

Upon arrival at school, children are to assemble on the upper sports field at 7:45 am for registration by their respective class teacher.

For those who have registered to take their child directly to and or from the Stadium, please ensure that upon arrival children report to the designated House seating area in the Stadium by 8:45 am where attendance will be taken. Children who will be leaving the Stadium with their parents are required to sign-out with their class teacher prior to leaving the Stadium.

As transport arrangements have now been finalised and children have been allocated to buses, please do not make alternate arrangements for transporting your child to or from the Stadium.

We ask that all children wear their PE Kit and bring along a small lightweight bag (school backpack not required) containing:

  • Water bottle (can be refilled at the Stadium)
  • Hat
  • Sun Block
  • Snacks & lunch
  • Change of uniform (optional)

The Stadium has a small refreshment store on site, as such we are unable to cater any food and beverages ourselves. We recommend that you bring your own picnic lunch along. You are, of course, welcome to purchase refreshments from the provider at the Stadium.

Clementi Stadium has a covered and shaded seating area where the children and spectators will be based. Children will be sitting in their houses under the supervision of the class teachers. For each event there will be spectator areas designated and we would appreciate that people stay within these areas to ensure the safety of all our competitors and spectators alike.

Sports Day Meet Program & Events Schedule

Click here to access the events your child has registered for and the approximate times of the events.

7:45 am - Children to assemble at the Upper Sport Field for registration.

8:15 am - Buses depart SJII

8:45 am - Arrival at Stadium

9:00 am - House Registration & Staff Briefing

9:15 am - Welcome by Principal

9:20 am - Opening Ceremony - House Parade & Samba Warm Up Dance

9:30 am - Let the games begin!

11:30 am - Lunch Break

12:50 pm - Relay's

1:10 pm - Saints House Relay - time permitting

1:20 pm - Presentation and closing of the games

1:30 pm - Bus departs stadium to return to School

2:00 pm - Classroom activities

3:00 pm - Dismissal

3:10 pm - CCA's

Call Out For Volunteers

Whilst we have staffed all of our events, we would like to ask for any parent volunteers who may be able to also assist at the various events. If you are able to assist, please contact Joshua from the ES Office at

St. Joseph's Institution International Elementary School