The Mayans, Incas, and aztecs

The Mesoamerican civilization

The Mayans were a civilization based around south america and up the west coast. They worshiped corn gods and even thought that they were made of corn. Corn was one of there most sacred foods and objects in general. They were very advanced when it came too math they invented a number system with 20's and invented the concept of 0. They were also very skilled farmers they mainly grew corn which was sacred too them which also helped them with there religion. They new when too harvest because of the calendars they created which gave them a accurate estimates of not only when harvest would come but also when there was going to be a eclipse and when rituals or religious deeds were going too happen. They had several different languages 36 too be exact and they wrote in hieroglyphics. There number system helped them count and keep track of things. They were very excellent math matitions. They also used slash and burn, this method of farming is where you cut down the crop and get the vegtibale or fruit then burn the remains. It helps future crops grow and leaves great rich nice soil.

The Incas were a civilization in south america near the equator. The were mainly in peru, argentina, and many more. They spoke Quechua, writing was not a part of there civilization but they used symbols in a way called guipo which was a series of different colors on a rope. They created large jigsaw walls that weighed thousands of pounds that no one person could lift on there own. They used terrace farming methods so they could farm more efficiently and it would be easier for them that way. They grew corn and were the first ever too farm potatoes this made them very advanced. They fit these walls together so well several of them you cant fit a razor blade thru them. The Aztecs were a very different kind of civilization. They were very articulate and smart. They were mainly based around mexico city. They spoke in nohalute. They discovered coco beans and made chocolate. They believed coco beans were a blessing from the gods. They were the first civilization or one of the first to ever make mandated education. They grew coco beans and the had floating farms or Chinampa. This is when you weave sticks together and you put grass and leaves then you cover it with mud and you add plants. They are called floating because they were built on the water. They were very one with the sky, they built most buildings too be aligned with the stars, moon, and sun.