Lost Lives

Travis Collins

The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates

My favorite parable is The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates because the daughter doesn't listen to her mother, who is very wise, and I like this parable because it reminds me of my brother and mom. Constantly they would argue and he would not listen to her. Like in the parable when the girl does not listen to or trust her elder, " i don't believe you. Let me see the book"(Tan 87). My brother wont listen to my mother and in our old house there was a corner that led straight in to our fireplace and my mother told us not to run around the corner. Disregarding what she said he would always run around and and one time he ran straight in to the corner and had to get 16 stitches. so in a way the girl is similar to my brother.

Woo Chapter

If i were to read another Mother/Daughter chapter I would probably chose the Woo Chapters because I find it very interesting about their story and i like how the story was told to me. I read the Hsu Chapters and i felt i had the best Chapters. It was very emotional through out the whole book and at times i would be confused, sad, and worried for the Hsu's.


The most moving quote from The Joy Luck Club has to be this " In two years' time my scar became pale and shiny and i had no memory of my mother" (tan 47). This quote just reminds me how easy it is to forget someone like when a wound heals it makes a scar and you forget about what hurt you the same way if someone hurts you you can forget about what they have done to you and move on.


In The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan presents the idea that sacrifices are worth making to protect the ones you love. This theme fits perfectly in the chapter The Scar because as a last resort/ sacrifice An-Mei's Mother cut off he own flesh to try and help her dying mother. she put her own flesh into a soup and fed it to her as its a tradition. Through out the book there are many sacrifices made," An-Mei, now are you ready to start your new life" (Tan 221). This quote comes from the chapter magpies where An-mei is leaving with her mother to start her new life as she is lonely and sad where she currently is. This is just one of the many examples through out the book.