RILINK Newsletter

February 2022

Cross District Loan Update

Follett has released a module called Cross District Loan (CDL) that provides the ability to circulate materials across enrolled RILINK sites. Six sites are now piloting CDL. The opportunity to participate is being expanded to all school libraries that are currently LORI Certified. Contact Karen Shore if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions.

Destiny Discover Changes

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Follett released the first theme for Destiny Discover, Under the Sea, on February 4. In the spring Space, Technology, and new color schemes will be available with more to follow. Additional changes are planned for summer. Among them will be an option to choose a K-5 or 6-12 interface, the ability to see more information in Title Peek, and librarians being able to re-order Learning Links.

To make changes, in DD go to Home|Admin|Display Options|Custom Settings. Learn more about this update in Destiny Discover Help. Just a reminder- links to Destiny Discover and Collections Help Centers are available on the RILINK website.

Destiny Collections Policies

Please review your settings for Destiny Collections. Start by looking at the Role assigned to each Access Level in Destiny Back Office on the Admin tab.

  • The assigned role for each Access Level is located by clicking on Access Levels in the left-hand column and then editing each Access Level. The Role Assigned is designated at top left of the first tab in each Access Level.
  • Once you have written down the Role for each Access Level, go to Destiny Discover. Click on More and then Admin in the resulting drop-down list. Then click on Collections Policies in the left-hand column. Extensive help is available at

Destiny Back Office

Using Checkout History

If you really want to know yourself and/or want your students and teachers to be able to see their checkout history, this is set in the Access Level settings on the Admin tab in the Destiny Back Office.

  • Log in at the Site Administrator Level, edit each Access Level that you want to see the history for, and use the General tab to check [Access library checkout history] under Historical Info Access.
  • If you want students and teachers at this Access Level to be able to see their own history, you also need to go to the Patrons tab in this Access Level to check [View own Status] under Self-Empowered Patron Access.
Once the Access Level settings have been changed, you can see a patron's history (from the time your Follett-hosted site was created) by going to Patron Status in the left-hand column in the Circulation tab. Students and teachers can see their individual history by clicking on My Info.

Please be aware that you can be required by legal authorities to show a library user's history if this feature is turned on for your site (RIGL).

Professional Learning Sessions


February 17 @ 3:30 - Catalog Cleanup - Want to improve the bibliographic records in your catalog? Grab your favorite snack and find out more about

  • Running a "recon" for your collections against Follett Alliance Plus records
  • Relating titles to fulfill holds
  • Removing titles without copies
  • Deleting reviews
  • Managing your custom images for titles
  • Updating copies, individually, globally, or by using a batch process

March 17 @ 3:30 - LibGuides CMS Tips- Join us to learn more about such tasks as

  • reusing content
  • customizing your LibGuides from color to font type & size
  • gathering statistics
  • maintaining your site to update/improve your library website

Zoom links are sent to the RILINK Listserv the day before and day of the session. Professional Learning Certificates will be provided for each of these sessions. These Zoomulia sessions will be recorded and made available for asynchronous learning.

Statewide Day Offerings

RILINK will be providing sessions on both statewide days.

March 14

  • Managing Teaching Resources with Collections┬« at 8:30 and again at 11:30.
  • Gain "Insights" with Sora and OverDrive Marketplace" at 10:00.

Registration opens March 1 for these three sessions.

May 11

  • The ABC's of Cross District Loan at 9:00 and again at 11:00.
Registration opens May 2 for these two sessions.

All sessions will be recorded and made available for asynchronous learning.

Save the Date: Summer Conference 2022

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Thanks to those who indicated their format preference and submitted ideas for sessions. If you have a suggested topic or wish to indicate a format preference, please fill out this very short form by February 18.


  • RISOCKS Libraries can request specific titles to be added to the shared collection. Fill out the form on the RISOCKS guide.
  • Please read the updated information concerning MARC records before adding them to your catalog.
  • To opt out of receiving the MARC records download email go to Settings| My Preferences under the Settings Cog in OverDrive Marketplace.
  • Sample and subscribe to the OverDrive Schools Blog at
  • The winners of the Sora sweatshirts donated by OverDrive are Birchwood Elementary, North Providence; Pilgrim High School, Warwick; McGuire Elementary, North Providence; Springbrook Elementary, Westerly; Hope Highlands Middle, Cranston; Lincoln Central Elementary, Lincoln; Peace Dale Elementary, South Kingstown;

    Toll Gate High School, Warwick; Thompson Middle, Newport; and Park View Middle, Cranston.

Additional News