Andrew Jackson

?The Common Man?

Trail Of Tears

The Cherokee Indians refused removal form the home mainly in Georgia. Jackson wanted the land to grow cotton and get the gold that was discovered there. Jackson promised them many things that he did not live up to while relocating them to Oklahoma. Jackson felt that the natives were savages that would ruin the country so he disobeyed the congress ruling. In the court case Worcester VS. Georgia congress ruled that the natives could stay on their land and could not be removed, Jackson did not follow this ruling and decided to remove the tribe anyways. While making the 2,200 mile trip over 4,000 people died. Jackson promised food and shelter and medical care for the trip which was not provided causing a lot of natives to die on the journey.

Killing The National Bank

Jackson did not like the idea of national bank. Jackson felt that it unconstitutional and a tool for the wealthy. So when congress went to renew the Bank Bill Jackson was furious. When it came down for Jackson to pass the bill he VETOED it believing it was for the good of the country. Then he took out all of the government money from the bank eventually causing the bank to go bankrupt.

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson ran for president after losing terribly, but this time with a strategy. Jackson realized how to get the votes he needed to get 50% or more. Jackson promised people who vote for him a job in congress. He thought it would get him more vote, which it did. He also thought it would have people start looking at him differently.

Political Cartoon

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This is a portrayal of of Jackson killing the national bank the rats running away are the bankers and wealthy people who like the bank. Jackson has just finished with the removal of the bank so he odes not like certain people and certain things so in this picture they are depicted badly.
Dear Jackson,

I really dislike how you are treating your citizens like they are gum on the bottom of your shoe. How dare you disrespect the Cherokee tribe like that we worked so hard to be just like you then poof were gone none of your concern. BTW we are doing "great" over here in Oklahoma. Really though how could you promise people jobs they probably have never heard of for a vote like shady. IRL you should just get people to like you by being not you. You need to be way nicer also i heard about the bank that was low. Just because you thought it was a bad idea does not mean it was useless.


- Preach sister NativetotheCore

- Gr8 job took the word out my mouth Featherhead160

Dear Jackson

I love what you have done it makes us look great. loving the bank killing really help my town with out situation. I think moving out the Indians was a brilliant move that really helped us. Cant wait to see where you will go next.