Do you know me?

An icebreaker activity for the diverse classroom

Step 1: Students write about themselves!

Give each student a notecard and ask them to put their name in the middle and one fact about them in each corner. One corner must be used for a learning preference (favorite subject or learning style) and another must be used for a fact about family or heritage.

Step 2: Have students greet each other!

Allow students to meet each other and share what they've written about themselves. Call out "Rotate!" every 45-60 seconds, and have each student meet with four new people.

Step 3: Share as a class!

Go around the room, and have each student share one fact about each person they met.

It's important to allow students who appear to be overly anxious to pass, particularly if the group is new to you. Students may have anxiety, low working memory, or another issue.