Increased Needs In Economics

We are losing economics use of resources by the minute

Problems we are having with economics

People are using to many resources at one time, which is causing resources and natural resources to run out and become scarce. Also here is a list of unsolved economic problems,

1) Behavioral economics, 2) Financial economics, 3) International economics, 4) References and, 5) Further Reading

Increased Needs example: Supply and Demand

When the supply of the product increases the cost decreases and demand for the product can increase because the cost is less.

People who try and solve it

Increased Needs Globally With Energy

The world will need increased energy supply in the next 20 years, especially cleanly generated electricity

In Florida their is a state issue called "Florida Fight For $15"

People are rallying together to fight for increased minimum wages because the wages they are receiving is not enough money to provide for the entire family.