Jims Personality

Find what makes me me

Who am I? A brief summary of me.

My name is Jimmy Kent White III born on July 31st 2001. I am 13yrs old and I'm a gamer. I have a younger brother and I'm also in 8th grade.

My self esteem.

My self esteem level is 84. This means that I don't care what others think and I'm not going to waste time to go out of my way to earn their approval. While I can get hurt if someone who I care about rejects me I will be hurt but I wont scar me for life.
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My attitude score is 56. This means I have a relatively positive attitude in life letting only very few situations get to me.
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Career choices

According to this test my career choices are going to primarily math or science based having from mathematicians to physicists and this is accurate in my opinion as I am generally interested in the subjects.
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Learning style

I am 50% visual learner this means I prefer the front of the class, check my eyes on a regular basis, color code things, and I am also neat and clean. Sounds will easily distract me when I'm doing something. On a side note I'm 30% tactile learner and 20% auditory learner.
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My overall personality type.

I believe this test is the most important and accurate test of them all this test defines me as a whole and you probably wont need read further to understand me. My personality is INTJ Introversion, Intuition, Thinking , Judgment. INTJs are perfectionists and system builders. Anyone working with an INTJ who is considered slacking on a project will immediately lose respect even if the person has higher authority or superiority. We will make crucial discussions about a project without consult of supervisors or co-workers if needed yet INTJs appreciate hardworking people. We can also take position as leader when required. Typical INTJ job choices are in fields of science and engineering or also where intellect and incisiveness are required. Wile in relationships INTJs can care deeply for others, but only a select few. We don't grasp social rituals and have little patience understanding of such things as small talk and flirtation witch to most is considered most of the fun in a relationship and worse we are naturally impassive and private witch can make us misunderstood. Us INTJs want many things but one of the things we really want is for people to make since. This is my overall personality.
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Brain dominance

I am 94% left brain. This means I like rules, strategy, and I prefer people being rational and logical.
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"personal color"

I have saved the most inaccurate test for last."My" personality color is blue. Wile being intuitive is part of my personality being over emotional,sensitive and touchy is anything but me. (so far this is the only inaccurate test.)
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