Cash For Gift Cards

In case you are lucky enough to find an old $20 gift card in your drawer, you had probably dumped it thinking it is of no use. However, by not dumping the card you could get yourself easy cash for an estimated 20$. While many fail to realise it, the truth is that quite an amount of money is floating around unused in purses, closets, and pockets in the form of unredeemed and unwanted gift cards. You can accumulate all your valid cards ad gather cash for gift cards without much effort. Below mentioned are the top three ways to make extra cash from cards.

1. Online gift exchange websites

Selling unwanted gift cards is a great way to grab cash that could be used for paying off debt or for extra savings. There are several online gift card exchange websites that allow the consumers to sell their gift cards at a price that is up to 95% of the face value. You could easy opt for cash or get a card from reputed sites like Amazon in exchange. Depending on the factors like what store the card is for, what type of card is it, you may have to drop a mail with the plastic card to the company or alternatively you could provide the exact card number via an email. As a reward, you can ask for the cash via PayPal or check.

2. Charity Donation

There are several sites and platforms that are ready to accept the charities in the form of gift cards. There are websites as well, who are teaming up with specific charities so that the consumers could donate the face value of their cards to the associated organization. For the times where a particular charity that you want to donate in, is not accepting a gift card, you can redeem the card via the card for cash facility.

3. Re-gift & Save money

Gifting Occasions are always around the corner. Even if the Christmas is over, there is Valentine's Day in cards. You can always forward the unwanted gift card and save money. All you need to do is to tie a big nice ribbon around the card and gift it along with a nice complementary gift. In case, the card is of no use to the gift receiver, you can exchange it for some beneficial card.

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