Student Snapshot

Jordan Kelley

My Spanish and My English Below With some essays:


My academics.

I can type Spanish : Hola me llamo Jordan yo soy 11 yo soy muy atlético (Hello my name is Jordan I am 11 I am very athletic.)

My essay for English: We think that 911 is everywhere and that everyone has cellphones, well think again. In Alaska, teens volunteer to be emergency teams when there is a situation. In the military two teens made donation places where you can donate old phones for soldiers in need of one to call home. With the help of teens they can help the society, and make it a better place.

The Dragon Slayers in Alaska and cellphones for soldiers in The US are very different. They are different because The Dragon slayers rescue people who have emergencies. The Cellphones for Soldiers donate phones to soldiers for them to call home. Above all both of the programs help people in different ways.

Both Dragon Slayers and the Cellphones for Soldiers Program are involved in different parts of the country. The Dragons slayers are located in Alaska. The Cellphones for Soldiers have drop off locations all over the USA. So without a doubt locations do not matter.

They both had challenges to overcome with the society, but in different ways. The Dragons Slayers had to get out of class for emergencies and, the Cellphones for soldiers insisted to find different ways to send phones overseas because of privacy issues. After all they overcame their issues and found a way to make it work!

Although these two articles explain two types of charity, they still had to work hard. In the article Defeating Dragons Sgt. Mike Duxbury observes “They helped each other out. Gave each other encouragement. They worked as a team.” So together with the help of teens you can get anything done.

The society today is good, but if we don’t take care of it might go bad. Teens help the society and we can too. In conclusion teens have helped the society no matter the age.

My Black belt essay:

Tea-kwon-do has changed my life a lot, here are some of the ways.

Training: It helped me to do my best at what I do in life and it helped me teach me to corporate with other students when teaching them. I have learned to do things to the best of my ability and if I don’t, then why do them at all.

Achievements: I have earned many achievements while moving up the ranks. I have joined the school demo team and tournament team. I placed fourth in overall points division at Nationals and won the Annual conference obstacle course with my instructor (Master Scott).

Exercise: I have gotten in good shape by doing Tae-Kwon-Do and working out on Saturdays. Running before class for 5 mins and doing 10 Push-ups and Sit-ups and jumping-jacks every class has made me very fit also. I have also gotten flexible when doing different stretches each class.

Knowledge: I now know a lot more about self-defense and I can defend myself from bad people such as bullies. I have also learned a lot about reptiles since I started because of the reptile shop next door. I know Tae-Kwon-Do facts and what generation I am in the line of instructors (6th I am).

Willpower: I have now been able to do things on my own without being told because I have gained willpower in Tae-Kwon-Do while in Chimbee and just doing things on my own. I do my chores at my house on my own and do my school work on my own (that’s a hard oneJ).

Opponents: I have made many opponents doing tournaments but even though they might be my opponents they are also my friends. I have faced a lot of people in tournaments even my friends. It has made me do my best and encourage them to do their best, but it still feels good to win (especially against my sister) and not only in Tea-Kwon-Do, but in ice-hockey also. At the end of each game we shake hands and congratulate each other on giving us a good game.

New: I have found a lot new things since I started Tae-Kwon-Do such as friends and pets. I have also gotten a new nickname called Squirrel and new opportunities for when I am older. I play new games, speak some new Korean language and go to new places.

Determination: I have more determination to complete things than to quit because quitters don’t win, but people who finish are consider winners. So I complete many more things rather than quitting them, such as running a mile or 2. If I cry I will work harder to finish because I will not quit because I am a black belt testing candidate and black belts don’t quit.

Opportunity: Tae-Kwon-Do has provided me with many new opportunities, such as getting to go to North Carolina & Kentucky for tournaments and getting my black belt. It has given me the opportunity to camp (in an RV) and make new friends and pets and go to new places.

In conclusion Tea-Kwon-Do has changed my life a lot. It has given me new pets, new possibilities and, most importantly new friends. So that is how it has change my life in so many ways.

My essay story: The NYC Capsule

The NYC Capsule takes place in New York City and the Manhattan docks on March 15, 2114. The Mayor of NYC is digging up the capsule when Terrorists steal the time capsule. They find their way to the docks and what they see is the U.S army waiting there and in the way of their escape. The terrorist try and get to the boat, but Corp. Steve Jud catches all of them in the harbor and takes them all to jail and returns the capsule. The feelings of the Terrorists when they got the time capsule were excited, but now they are scared and afraid because they are caught.

March 15 2114, it is a sunny day in the (Adv) busy New York City, and it is exactly 100 years from when the people of 2014 put a time capsule in the ground. The (Adj) Plump Mayor of New York “Today is a great day for us as we see what we had exactly 100 years ago.” The mayor starts to dig up the capsule the crowd goes wild. After the capsule is on its pedal stool the people hear a gun shot out of nowhere, Five terrorist come in and threaten them to give them the capsule or die, the terrorist (Adv) quickly take the time capsule and then they shoot the mayor and it puts him in critical condition.

While the terrorist escape to a nearby tower, the city police set out on a (Adj) huge investigation to find them. The chief of police calls the army to help out. Corp. Steve Judd and his (Adj) smart crew uses heat goggles to see the terrorists (Adv) sneaking thru the alley where the tower is. The terrorists and the army are now in a very fierce battle, one of the terrorist fires a rocket launcher giving enough time for them to hide in a (Adj) large crowd of people terrorist one “Ha-ha they think they can catch us well we see about that.” Terrorist 2 “Maybe we should head to the docks then we can get on my friends (Adv) fast boat and then we are out of here with the capsule.” “Yeah” they all agreed. Corp. Steve Judd was smarter than them though he already thought of that and he already sent some (Adj) armed crew there to instruct them to not allow anybody to leave.

The terrorist keep a (Adv) quick eye out for any police or soldiers but as they get closer to the edge of the town they see more and more soldiers. “Eh we need to create a diversion.” Said Terrorist 5 “I get this stink bomb and take out those ten (Adv) lazy soldiers over there.” said Terrorist 3 as he throws the stink bomb the guards smell that smell and then fall onto the ground knocked out the terrorist did not think about how subtle that would be and get the whole army on them and then Corp. Steve Judd says “Bad idea guys you just got 60 years (Adv) long in the most guarded jail of all time.” As the town rejoices in a feast with delicious ham and boiled eggs Corp. Steve Judd receives a promotion to Sgt. Steve Judd and the mayor heals up at the local hospital. The lesson here is to not be stupid and do the right thing.

My changes to the The NYC Capsule. They are I described the mayor and the investigation and the crew and the crowd the other crew. I also said how the terrorist toke the time capsule and hoe they walked in the ally and the city and the eyes of the police and the lazy soldiers. These are my changes to the story.

My science video Down below:


Service to Community

My service to the community. I help out with reptiles at Family reptiles. I sometimes get to help with shows, but mostly help with cleaning the animals.
Me helping a little boy at Repticon (aka) Reptile show. This little boy had never held a snake before.


The Picture of me here are from 1 to 10.
I was born on March 8, 2002

My First Christmas.

My Grandma's Birthday party.

My four year old preschool program at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

My book report for second grade at Lakeland Christian School. This is Pluto he was the main character.

My friends party.

Me jumping in to pool.

Me breaking a Board with a flying sidekick at a FMAC Demo performance.

North Carolina TKD tournament.


Me and Grand Master Brenda J. Sell at Nationals at Daytona Beach 2013. I placed fourth over all in points.

Me with my friend Brayden at our Black Belt Graduation.

Individuality and interest

My interest. I like doing Tae-kwon-do, I am a black belt and testing for second in October. I also enjoy hockey I may have only scored one goal, but I am good at defense and have blocked alot of goals. Those are my interests.