Chasing Vermeer Project

By: Kyle Bohne


The book "Chasing Vermeer" was made by the author Blue Balliett and is about two brilliant kids trying to solve the mystery of how the painting called "A Lady Writing" went missing and how they got it back. these two kids do almost everything they can to find this priceless painting.

But lets start from the beginning. The story starts in a place called hyde park near the city of Chicago. Two kids named Petra Andalee And Calder Pillay which go to the University school on the university of chicago campus. Their teacher ms. Hussey is loved by the class and most of the time they don't even do normal school work, lucky them. The school year at least for a few weeks was normal but one cold chicago night in October three letters were sent to three different people supposedly around the world but actually the letters were all sent to people in hyde Park. The letters basically said that a person needed help solving a art crime that was centuries old. But this wasn't actually true these letters were actually sent just to throw the FBI (and the police too) off. The thief who did it is actually like a genius but we will get more into him later. The two kids I was talking about earlier Petra and Calder are the smart ones here, probably smarter than the thief, well mystery wised. CAlder and Petra are not the best of friends at the beginning of the book but as the book progresses they are like best friends. Petra really didn't have friends at the beginning but she really only needed one. Calder had a friend but then he moved to new york where even weirder stuff was happening there then hyde park. Now let me tell you about calders friend Tommy. Tommy was Calder's best Friend but then he moved to New York with his mom and his step dad. weird things happened in new york Like this kid named frog went missing but actually his parents just left him in Washington D.C. so it seemed in the end that nothing weird that actually happened to Tommy. But we might just think that Tommy's step dad might just be another character buy actually hes the one who stole the painting "A Lady Writing" the paint that Petra and Calder were looking for but ended up finding yeah that painting. Tommy's stepdad was called Fred Steadman but his actual name was Xavier Glitts also known as the glitter man he was the leader of a international crime ring, he was also the one who sent the three letters to those three people. Next on our list is the three people who got sent the letters Ms. Hussey , Mrs. Sharpe and Mr. Watch. Mr Watch owns a used book store which Calder works at. He was probably the most excited about receiving the letter that the thief sent. next Mrs. Sharpe she was probably the most scared along with Ms. Hussey they got the letter and were really scared well Ms. Hussey was actually paranoid Mrs. Sharpe called the police so she didn't care that the letter said " if you contact the police you will certainly be placing you life in danger" if someone sent that to me I would be pretty scared turns out that was just a decoy the thief used to distract them. The painting was found in a place called Delia Dell Hall in the the !2th step. 12 is a big number in the mystery. In the end they got the painting back and everything was good for Calder and Petra


The Theme i think in this book would be never give up Calder And Petra never gave up looking for the painting. Even when the hardest of the problems came they kept looking for a answer to where the Painting was.



The setting takes place in Hyde Park. it is near chicago,Illinois.