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News and Notes

The feedback I received from the team that participated on the walk-through was positive. They did speak highly of some of the ELA and Math word walls throughout the building. The team also commented on conversational expectations that were posted in classrooms that served as guidance to students when having discussions with classmates. Thank you for all of the hard work you do day in day out!

Next Tuesday is the fourth and final technology workout of the school year. The workouts are delivered by Lee Cook and cover a variety of topics. This month the focus is Global Collaboration. We look forward to bringing back some great information and sharing it with staff.

PACE Testing

Thank you for your flexibility during PACE testing over the past two weeks. Once we receive the test results, Deanna and I will analyze scores and provide feedback as we approach the appeals process.

Severe Weather Drill Date is Set

On Tuesday, March 22nd, we will be participating in a severe weather drill. The drill will begin at approximately 10:00 AM. Please take a moment at the beginning of the school day to review the severe weather drill procedures and expectations.

Upon our return from Spring Break, we will also need to conduct a fire drill in cooperation with the Wheaton Fire Department. I know they responded to the building a few times earlier this year, but the drill has to be planned with their participation.

Duties for the week:

Team: Rebels

1st Grade Door-Sue Lendy

K Playground-Maria Bernhagen

South Playground-Terry Goff and Virginia Lee

5th Grade Door-Beckie Kienzle

After School Car and Lounge Duty-Tracie Sklenicka

On the horizon

3/22: Global Collaboration Workouts with Lee Cook

3/23: 5th Grade Wax Museum

3/25-4/3: Spring break

Quote of the Week:

"What we learn with pleasure we never forget."

~Alfred Mercier

March Birthdays

Katie Brown-3rd

Scott Ellison-3rd

Brittany Reid-8th

Jacki Lopushonsky-9th

Jackie Croci-10th

Maria Bernhagen-10th

Vicki Musial-18th

Jill Williams-24th

Ann Noonan-27th

Shannon Worcester-29th

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