Mesopotamia farming and agriculture

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Farming and agriculture

Farming and agriculture was big in Mesopotamia because Mesopotamia was between two rivers also it had good wildlife and vegetation. They could make baskets out of weeds that grew along the rivers. It did not rain a lot but they soon learned that they could use irrigation to make the crops grow faster. They also raised many animals like sheep.

Poisoned fields

There where also problems in farming like poisoned felids. Like if irrigation water was let to be able to sit on the fields and evaporate it leaves behind minerals and if water was taken away and flows through the soil too quickly, erosion becomes a problem. Scientists believe that Mashkan-shapir's collapse was caused in part by destruction of the fields by mineral salts. When mineral salts concentrate in the upper levels of the soil, it becomes poisonous for plants.

What did people eat in Mesopotamia

Some people ate two meals a day. Except for the rich they ate a lot bread and drank a lot of beer (up to one gallon a day). Because meat cost a lot most people ate cooked vegetable stews. They also ate fruits like apples, pears, grapes and melons. Cakes were only for special occasions. They were made with butter, cheese, flour, and raisins and more.

Why was Mesopotamia close to water

Mesopotamia was close to water because they could grow foods and make irritations for them to have water. But mainly because of farming but when they had lot

At of food they had a surplus. A surplus is when you have more then enough. So when they had a surplus other people could do other things like a division of labor. A division of labor is when other people can do different things instead of just one job for everybody. That is why Mesopotamia is close to water.

The year farming steps

First you will have to have a farm. Then you have to built canals and irrigation ditches for redirecting your water. Regulators where then used to raise and lower the water levels form the canals and ditches so water could be used for farmers. Then during the growling season they give you only a certain amount of water to use for the farming season. Finally you start farming.