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From the desk of Dr. Harrell

May 3, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week

There is no doubt teachers play a critical role in developing and shaping each generation and our society. A teacher’s gifts, talents, and influence travel with each student throughout their lives, leaving an impactful legacy with each student who passes through their doorway. Your belief in students shapes early lives and gives purpose to so many.

Uvalde CISD has remarkable teachers who not only listen; they hear what students are saying and make sure to understand. This year Uvalde teachers humbled themselves before students; you were risk-takers, each one of you had to step out of your comfort zone, exploring new and innovative tasks, as a way to connect with your students - and you did not hesitate. Teachers were the impetus for successfully navigating our world through this pandemic. It was teachers who took the bull by the horns and created virtual classrooms, made learning packets, opened doors to students, and kept education in motion, and I know for a fact UCISD teachers were leaders in this movement.

Through this pandemic, every doctor we depended on to help navigate us through this last year, and each scientist we counted on to find a vaccine went to school and was inspired by teachers who molded who they have become. Our teachers find the creativity and talent within our students, sometimes buried and difficult to find, you don’t give up, and when uncovered, you champion, nurture and develop it. Who are the artists, writers, scientists, mathematicians, doctors, business owners, builders, plumbers, electricians, presidents, international business leaders, future governors, and the list continues; these students will be important to us in our days ahead. We don’t know what role they will have, but you will have been a blessing and influencer to each one.

UCISD Teachers are kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated, and understanding professionals with who we entrust our children with and you affect their lives daily. Every one of us can recall teachers who encouraged and motivated us during our education. You are essential to so many, and we are blessed that you have chosen to be a teacher in Uvalde.

‘U’valde teachers shape the world.

I Believe in ‘U’!

Dr. Harrell

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Uvalde Early College High School Graduates

UECHS Class of 2021
Congratulations to our Uvalde Early College High School Students...

We are proud to announce 29 Uvalde Early College High School seniors will be the first cohort of graduates to achieve both a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts in General Studies from Southwest Texas Junior College! Join us in congratulating:

  1. Brianna Amor
  2. Sylvia Barrera
  3. Javier Castillo
  4. Jordan Curtis
  5. Ellenore Dorris
  6. Emily Flores
  7. Eric Flores
  8. Gabriella Flores
  9. Jakob Flores
  10. Makayla Flores
  11. Kelsey Garcia
  12. Diego Gonzalez
  13. Stryder Gonzalez
  14. Julianna Gutierrez
  15. Christopher Hernandez
  16. Zachary Lambert
  17. Sarah Lopez
  18. Alexa Luna
  19. Tyler Luna
  20. Gisselle Martinez
  21. Carina Morales
  22. Maresa Perez
  23. Sart Perez
  24. Jesus Ramirez
  25. Matthew Ramo
  26. Javen Terrazas
  27. Galilea Vega
  28. Efrain Velasquez
  29. Seth Vortuba

Summer Fine Arts Academy Registration

The 2021 Summer Fine Arts Academy is returning to its home in the John H. Harrell Auditorium! Our virtual sessions last summer were successful, but we are excited to be back on stage this summer to prepare for and perform The Wizard of Oz.

This year's program will begin June 4, 2021, and end July 2, 2021. Students will attend Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. Some students may be asked to stay longer depending on the roles received. Performances will be held Thursday, July 1st, and Friday, July 2nd.

The academy is open to UCISD students currently in grades 3-12 and offered free of charge. Free transportation will coincide with summer school days between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm. Free breakfast and lunch are also provided to our academy students.

To register online, click 2021 Summer Fine Arts Academy Registration Form. For those that cannot register online, we will have on-site registration on May 21, 2021, from 5 pm to 7 pm, and June 1, 2021, from 1 pm to 3 pm.

2021 Summer Fine Arts Academy Registration Form:

Thank you for your interest in the Summer Fine Arts Academy.

Christela Mendoza

UHS Theater Director

Summer Fine Arts Administrator

The Paw Print Pause is a weekly PD Digest created by Natalie Arias, Blended Learning Specialist for Uvalde CISD Teachers. The purpose of the podcast is to bring educators together through common topics and tips with a little humor and light-hearted conversation. The first two podcasts are linked below for your listening pleasure.

Anthon Elementary

Anthon's Field Day Announcement

Anthon Field Day Information 4-26-21

Batesville Elementary

Batesville School appreciation video 2020-2021

Crossroads Academy

CAHS Celebrates Newest Graduate Marina Flores

Dalton Elementary

Students in Ms. Barroso's STEM class work on Robot Mouse to prepare for the upcoming Robotics Competition scheduled on May 22nd. The Dalton Team will consist of eight students. Dalton robotics is getting ready for the big competition!

Flores Elementary

Students in Mrs. Dillard’s science tutoring were able to assemble 3-D animal puzzles. This lead to a great discussion on adaptations and structures. Students had a blast developing visual-spatial reasoning. This session is in preparation for the STAAR test this month.

Morales Junior High

Back to Basics...

On Thursday, April 29th our district held classes without the use of the internet. The lack of internet caused our classroom learning to look different, but learning did not stop. Our teachers and students quickly turned to the original learning tools of books, magazines, paper, dry erase boards, manipulatives, and much more. The remarkable aspect of teaching and learning is that it can happen anywhere with or without the internet!

Robb Elementary

4th Grade Collaborative Learning: Mrs. McCullough & Mrs. Hill

Uvalde High School

Coyote Baseball 2021 District Champs...

Congratulations to Coach Perez and the Coyote baseball team for earning the title 2021 District Champs! Bi-District playoffs next week are against Somerset. Game 1 in Uvalde Friday at 6 pm, Game 2 in Somerset Saturday at 11 am, and Game 3 if necessary in Somerset 30 minutes after game 2. Join us in congratulating our Coyote Baseball Team!
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Lobo Softball Team Bi-District Champs...

Congratulations to Coach Finger and the Lobo Softball Team for earning the Bi-District Champs title! The team will play the area round against TM next week on Friday at 7 pm in Freer, Saturday at 5 pm in Jourdanton, and Monday in Jourdanton at 5 pm if necessary.
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UCISD Robotics News

Planning for a Robotics Showcase is underway and is set for May 22. Students will showcase their work and skills in a competitive game designed by Mr. Roberto Cantu of UHS. Students of all ages and levels will be represented, and will be able to look at the work of progressing levels, making this a fantastic recruitment event!

Hope Sandoval, Lead Librarian/District Robotics Support, has gathered information and videos from Campus Robotics Week activities.

Text Notifications in Schoology

UCISD Parents - The below video explains how to set up Text Notifications in the Schoology App. Setting up Text Notifications is a great option to make sure you don't miss any important messages or course updates.
How to Set Up Text Notifications in the Schoology App
Coyote Pact

We have a shared responsibility to take steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections on our campuses. Every member of our Coyote and Lobo community – including you – must do their part.

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