Tis' The Season....

To Put Your HEALTH first

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Tis' The Season To Start Getting Healthy - Sample Packs Are NOW Available!

Hope you are doing well and that this newsletter finds you healthy and happy. I have some absolutely GREAT news for the Holidays and the New Year. I am now offering sample packs!!!! I have 10 sample packs available and I know you've asked about the products in the past and wanted to check with you before they are gone. It's part of our nutrition program for 3 days which will give you the opportunity to taste the products and sample our Total Control, which gives you awesome energy. You will love it and this will give you the opportunity to try the products at a small cost of $20 to ship it straight to your house! Awesome RIGHT?!

This is for ANYONE wanting to:

*Lose weight, Inches, and Drop dress sizes

*Get Ripped Or Toned

*Lead a Healthier Happier Lifestyle

*Gain, Maintain, or Lose Weight

*Try Herbalife

The 3-Day Trial Pack Comes With:

*6 of our amazing healthy meals that give your body great nutrition everyday

*3 Days of Total Control which leaves you feeling energized and focused

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Avoid The Holiday Bulge!

Did you know the average weight gain during the Holiday season is 11lbs!?!?! That's a HUGE amount of weight gain and your body does not need it. To avoid the dreaded holiday bulge use these tips:

*Watch Your Stress Level

*Stick With A Routine

*Eat Your Veggies

*Keep Moving

*Limit Your Sweets

*EVERYTHING in Moderation

*Avoid Alcohol

*NEVER Arrive Hungry

*Feel Free To Say NO

*Ask Others To Take Leftovers Home

Don't forget to try the NEW Herbalife 3 Day Sample Pack and get Started on your Health and Wellness Journey NOW....Your life depends on it.

Meet Your Wellness Coach!!!

My name is Nicole and since March 2014 I have been on a journey to get myself healthy and happy.....and guess what... I have gained so much more than health and happiness. I have gained an exceptional amount of knowledge on how to help myself and others find happiness within themselves through proper nutrition, fitness, and personal development. Since March 2014 I have lost 45lbs, 11% body fat, and 58 inches....And I feel GREAT!

So I am ready to help ----> YOU <----- get started on your health and wellness goals today! Whether you are trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight I am here to help you get started and STAY on track! As a Wellness Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer my goals are to help anyone and everyone get healthy and happy....and to work Smarter not Harder!

I want to help you reach and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals in a healthy way. To learn more about products or to get guidance on how to reach your wellness goals, schedule a FREE wellness evaluation ($75 Value) and discuss a plan that is going to be RIGHT FOR YOU!

Contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. (Note: Always leave me a voicemail so I can return your calls.)

Get Started Today!

If you're ready to get started on your healthy lifestyle journey today I am offering 25% off your entire purchase (Shipping and tax not included) ONLY in the month of December. This is right in time for New Year Resolutions!

Go to my website to check out all products! Do NOT waste anymore time…your health is important.