Movie Director

My mama always said that life was like a box of chocolates.

Tasks of a Director


- Superviseand coordinate the work of the camera, lighting, design, and sound crewmembers

- Review film daily to check on work in progress and to plan for future filming

- Compile scripts, program notes, and other related materials

- Create and provide storyboards in conjunction with art directors

- create graphics for TV broadcasts

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Working Conditions


- are under constant pressure

- work long hours

- need to be in good physical condition

- have short term assignments


Degree Needed

Directors need to have at least a Bachelor's Degree

A Director's Yearly Salary

In the state of Virginia a director's hourly range is from $16.40 to $57.51 and the yearly

range is from $34,120 to $119,610.

Other Related Jobs

If I did not want to be a director I could choose a job that that is similar such as:

- A fashion designer

- A film and video editor

- A music composer

- An art director

- A talent director

or an advertisement and promotion manager.