Information Security Analyst

Hanna Holmes

About 272,000 people are employed in this job, and make about 81,000 dollars on average per year.. To have this job, you have to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems by installing and using software, monitoring their organizations website for security violations. Then the type of person that will do well in this job is by having analytical skills, being detail oriented, and by having ingenuity, and problem-solving skills. In order to have this job you have to have a certain type of training you have to be able to solving complex problems, listen, think critically, make decisions and analyze data or information. I recommend that if thinking of having this job you have to know how to use technology. This job has a lot to do with keeping people safe online. You need to know how use different software to put security online. You can not be successful without knowing how to use technology and software development. This is a great job to have you might want it because you learn how to work technology and help protect people to be safe while using technology. This job can also help stop people from getting hacked by other sites and pop up ads online.. Lastly this job can help prevent people from having many problems with their computers.

Discover a Career in Information Security


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