Learning Gets Personal

July 1, 2016

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Becoming the Spark...

We are on the cutting edge of some of the most profound changes in education in centuries. As we seek to personalize learning for students we are re-evaluating the roles of teachers and learners. In order for these changes to take hold and stick will require people to be willing to take lots of small risks and baby steps toward growth. However all of these small steps are sparks that have the power to expand into something much bigger.

Dante Alighieri said, "A great flame follows a little spark." As you are thinking about the upcoming year, I challenge you to think about ways that you can be the spark that ignites your staff. How will you create an environment where teachers feel safe to try something new and embrace the idea of "failing forward?" How will you ignite teacher excitement about what personalized learning has to offer? Do your professional development plans for the upcoming year model the principles of personalized learning? It only takes a spark to start a flame that burns bright. As we head into the 4th of July weekend, filled with fireworks, I urge you to celebrate the great work you are doing to become the spark.

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A Vision for Personalized and Connected Learning

If You Build It... They Will Come

There are nineteen middle schools in the Fulton County Schools District, but Ronald E. McNair Middle School has one of the most innovative learning spaces in the United States. The building literally has classes with no walls to foster collaboration between teachers and students, and multiple presentation spaces for students to share their ideas with a variety of audiences. Additionally, all of the students bring either an Ipad or cellphone to use during the instruction each day. Considering that McNair is a school that typically uses traditional pedagogy, how will the teachers fathom the idea of an open space where students are encouraged to use devices? Will the teachers receive support?

Fulton declares personalize learning as one of the fibers of its instructional creed, and the school district has galvanized the best resources to support McNair make the transition from traditional pedagogy to a more personalized approach. Although McNair students and teachers moved into the new building in the middle of the school year, they have adapted to the obvious idea that teaching and learning will need to look differently in the new space. Fulton County has enlisted the efforts of the KSU iTeach department to assist teachers with understanding the endless possibilities of their space and one-to-one devices. Click here to read more...

Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities

Summer Workshop: Personalized Learning Environments by Design for Elementary Schools

Registration available in Edivate in the Academic Support catalog.

When: July 6 - 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

How does your classroom facilitate a successful personalized learning environment (PLE)? Through a creative and disciplined approach attendees will explore the latest brain research, design elements, and best-practices required to successfully manage and sustain the PLE. Attendees will leave with a ready-to-implement technology-based learning environment matrix.

Summer Office 365 Professional Development Courses for Administrators

Registration available in Edivate in the Instructional Technology catalog

Microsoft Innovative School Leader Academy

July 14 - 8:30-3:30

This one-day professional learning experience is designed for the K-12 school leader who wants to use Microsoft technologies to create, promote and sustain digital-age learning culture. This workshop will facilitated by two FCS principals and will explore OneNote Staff Notebook, Office Mix, Forms, Skype for Business, and Sway. These are all tools you can use to collaboratively plan with teachers, leaded flipped faculty meetings, communicate with parents/students, gather data, evaluate teachers/staff, and more.

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A Vision for Personalized and Connected Learning from Pearson