The 5 Foundations

Grace, Finley, Ernie

The First Foundation

Save a $500.00 emergency fund: The reason why you should save a $500.00 emergency fund is because if a accident or an upcoming problem occurs, you'll have money in your fund to pay for your emergency.

The Second Foundation

Get out of Debt: You need to get out of debt because you will then be able to build wealth for yourself an maybe help others. Building wealth and getting out of debt will take time though, because u have to make a plan, then manage your money.

The Third Foundation

Pay cash for your car: If you pay cash for your car it will keep you from being in debt. It will save you money.

The Forth Foundation

Pay cash for college: When you pay cash for college you will stay out of debt. Also paying cash helps you stay away from paying student loans.

The Fifth Foundation

Build wealth and give some away: When you build wealth, you save money and put it into a Mutual Fund. Another way to build wealth is to stay out of debt. The reason why you should give some away is you can help others an help them build wealth also.