Mod 7 Lesson 2 Mastery Assignment

By Jennie Madden

Honors Civics and Economics Story

It was a cold rainy day when a person knocked on Jack's door. It was a person saying that someone had summoned Jack to court. Jack realized that it was because he damaged property by driving his truck into a persons farm house. It was unintentional, but he got stuck in a mud hole and put too much pressure on the gas and the truck came flying back into a farm house. Jack would be the defendant and the owner of the farm house Jordan would be the plaintiff. When Jack went to his lawyer, the lawyer said that Jordan filed a complaint against Jack a few days before he was summoned. The lawyer said Jack's court date will be on the 15th of August. The next day, the judge had a pretrial conference with both Jack and Jordan so they could clarify the differences and prepare for trial. While that occurred the pleadings between both lawyers to gather information for the case was going on in the other room. Jordan and Jack were mediating on how to solve this issue. The arbitration lasted an hour before they found common ground. When they went to trial their lawyers showed the prepondenerance of evidence that each had as it was a noncriminal case. Jack tried to appeal for a lower cast to pay Jordan and Jordan kindly accepted as there wasnt a lot of damage to the farm house. The verdict was that Jack would need to pay Jordan $4000 to make sure all property was covered.