Romeo and Juliet

By : Chloe Ford

Who's Fault Was it

The fault of Romeo and potentially later on, Juliet's death was Friar Lawrence. If he hadn't have "helped" Juliet with the potion Romeo wouldn't have killed himself because of love for Juliet, who happened to be alive. "As that is desperate which we would prevent" (Shakespeare 70). He shouldn't have been so quick to help Juliet stop the wedding, they would still be alive. "And, if thou darest, I'll give thee remedy" (Shakespeare 70). Friar Lawrence should've been accounted for the two deaths, considering he ended the lives of two very important people.

Black Magic Explanation

This song resembles 'Romeo and Juliet' because, Friar Lawrence tries to give Juliet a potion to further more enhance their love, by making everyone believe she is dead so Romeo and Juliet can run away together.
Little Mix - Black Magic (Lyrics)

Titanic Explanation

This movie resembles 'Romeo and Juliet' because it shows a love almost as strong as Romeo and Juliet's. The story has the same concept especially because if Rose were to introduce Jack to her parents, they would've never excepted him just like Romeo. It's like Jack and Rose and Romeo and Juliet live in two separate worlds.
Titanic 3D - Official Trailer 2012 (HD)