Dear Parent/Guardian:

During the past school year, your child was authorized to take medication during the school day. If your child needs to take medication during the next school year, a new Medication Authorization form will be required beginning in August with the start of a new school year.

Please request that your child’s healthcare provider complete the attached Medication Authorization form. Return the form including parent signature to your child’s teacher at the beginning of the next school year. Each medication must have an authorization form. Additional Medication Authorization forms are available in the school office or on the MGSD website under Health Services.

If the medication is prescribed, the information on the authorization form must match the pharmacy labeled container as to the name of the medication to be given, dosage, and the time to be given. Each time a medication dosage or time to be given changes, a new authorization form and prescription bottle is required. Over the counter medications must also have an authorization form and be in the original container.

Students are not permitted to transport medications with the exception of authorized emergency medications such as inhalers, epinephrine auto injectors, and glucagon.

Please check with the school at the end of the school year for any medication your child may have left at school. All medication left at school for more than 30 days after the last day of school will be destroyed.

Please call the school nurse with any questions or concerns at 704-658- 2653.

Thank you for your assistance.

School Nurse