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Week of March 12, 2021

INCOMING Kindergarten Parent Info Night

Last year's Kindergarten Info Night was canceled due to COVID, but we're looking forward to taking the show onto Zoom this coming Tuesday, March 16th at 6:00pm. Our kindergarten team and I will do our best to share a bit about what kindergarten looks like at Avoca West. We also have created a "Save a Seat for Me!" form to begin collecting information about who will be joining us and to help facilitate communication with our incoming families. The Zoom link will be emailed directly to those families who have completed the form, but will also be posted on the District website by Tuesday.

Please pass this along to anyone in your neighborhood who might have an incoming student!

Adjustments for Arrival & Dismissal at AW

We have made some adjustments to help get students (and staff at the doors) to class by the 9:00 bell.

  • If your student is dropped off between approximately 8:58-9:00, we will open up the front and back doors to have students just get inside (rather than go around) to the specific door.
  • After 9:00, all students will continue to enter through the front doors and will be marked as tardy.

For afternoon car pick up:

  • Parents or caregivers should have a name displayed in the front window. This is VERY helpful in matching students with their rides and to keep things moving along.
  • We are also making the adjustment to have all car-riders exit out the back of the building. The hope is that this will allow the pick up line to move more quickly and improve dismissal over all.
  • Now that the snow has melted, students are able to line up by their last name. (The letters A-Z are painted on the blacktop). Please partner with us in reminding your student to line up by his/her last name letter.
  • Finally, please keep the big picture in mind for pick up. Our dismissal and pick up is most effective and efficient when students are at their last name and our families keep the line moving all the way up when there is space ahead. I know this may mean that you pass your child, but rest assured we will get him/her to you safely and quickly.


As you know, on April 8th we will shift from a hybrid model to a daily onsite model. That shift means that our daily attendance will move from approximately 200 students to 281 students. While we plan for how to adjust our classrooms and routines within the school, we anticipate there being additional traffic at arrival as well. In order to help with the increase in students, BEGINNING APRIL 8TH:

  • Buses and cars can begin dropping off at 8:45 (not 8:50). We hope the additional time will allow students to get to their grade level doors and inside for the start of class on time.
  • Doors will open for students at 8:50. For students who arrive at 8:45, they will simply wait outside until a staff member arrives to welcome students in at 8:50. If it is raining, we will open the doors so that students can come out of the rain and wait by their classroom until 8:50.

Thank you for your continued flexibility and partnership as we learn and lead in this 2020-2021 school year!

Calendar Reminders for Families

Week of March 15: Follows typical schedule, including Remote Monday


  • Monday - Group A at school, Group B follows the typical "at home" CA&S schedule. (Group A usually comes to school on Tuesday and Thursday, but will come on Monday and Wednesday this week).
  • Tuesday - Group B at school, Group A follows the typical "at home" CA&S schedule. (Group B usually comes to school on Wednesday and Friday, but will come Tuesday and Thursday this week)
  • Wednesday - HALF DAY ATTENDANCE (Zoom Parent-Teacher Conferences in evening). Group A at school, Group B following the typical "at home" CA&S schedule.
  • Thursday -- HALF DAY ATTENDANCE (Zoom Parent-Teacher Conferences in evening). Group B at school, Group A following the typical "at home" CA&S schedule.

Friday, March 26-- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS OR STAFF! Spring Break Begins!

Questions? Comments?

Please feel free to reach out to ask any of our office staff for help!