By: Nicholas Gronemus


According to Richard H Mansfield, early European settlers wanted a cow that would make the least amount of resources (1). They used black cattle from Batavians and white cattle from Friesians to breed and make the Holstein; they were imported to America in 1857,1859, and 1861 (Mansfield 2).

When the demand of milk became high, people looked at the Holsteins. Soon many associations were made to record pedigrees and maintain herd books. Richard Mansfield says, “ These associations merged in 1885, to found the Holstein-Friesian Association of America, which however, was shorted in 1994 to be the Holstein Association USA, Inc.(3).

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Holsteins are one of the larger dairy breeds. According to Richard Mansfield, “A mature Holstein cow weighs about 1,500 pounds and stands 58 inches tall at the shoulders” (2).There are mainly black and white Holsteins, but they can be red and white. Holstein cattle are easily recognizable by their distinctive black and white markings (Holstein Association USA, Inc. 1). The Holstein heifers can have calves at a age between 23 and 26 months, and they can have a total of three gestation periods (Mansfeild 2). The average life of a holstein cow is an average of five years, however, some cows have lived to be as old as 12 years.

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Milk Production

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, “ In the United States the Holstein-Friesians outnumber all other dairy breeds and produce nine tenths of the milk supply”(1). That is almost all of the milk produced in the United States. This is supported by the Wisconsin Holstein Association, “ Holsteins are the top milk producing cows in the U.S.” ( 5). "The U.S. Holstein is well known around the world for her ability to produce large volumes of milk, butterfat and protein"(Ag 101 1). The cows are able to poduce a lot but the percent of butterfat and protein are kind of low compaerd to other breeds. “The average milk production of a Holstein is about 17,408 pounds of milk in 1987”(Holstein 6). This has went up since the m due to different genes and how they breed them

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