Arson Investigation

by Todd Holm

The job

The job of An arson investigator is part detective, part fire scientist. After fires are reported and suppressed, arson investigators help determine the cause of the blaze and, if appropriate, whether criminal activity is involved

How to become an arson investigator

to work in the field you will need to:

  • become a fire fighter
  • enroll in an arson investigator training program
  • aply for a job working in federal, state, or local law enforcement or with an attorney or insurance companies to build your credentials

once you have worked in the field for a while the average annual salary is around $55,000. the top 10 percent took home around $87,000 while the bottom 10 percent took home around $34,000 a year. the pay is bases all on your experience in this field

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arson investigators investigate fires all around the world everyday