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The Honeycomb

May 4, 2015

This week we are writing our own fairy tales. Be on the look out for some great stories from the imagination of your child.

In reading, we are continuing to use evidence from the text to infer and make our own conclusions.

In math, we are completing area and will take the assessment. Our next focus is breaking shapes apart to find the area.

Math Vocabulary:

Area - the surface of a plane shape (the inside space when filled with squared units). It is found by using the formula length x width or L x W. It is reported in square units. Click here.

Perimeter - the boundary of a closed geometric shape (the outside measurement, like the perimeter of fence or wall). Generally, you would add up all the sides of a shape to find the perimeter. Click here.

In science, we will assess plant adaptations and move onto plant and animal life cycles.

In social studies, we are learning how the previous events led to the Secession Convention and the start of the Civil War. We will assess this on Wednesday.

See this week's assessments below or click here for the calendar.

This Week's Graded Assessments

  • Area Assessment - Tuesday
  • Plant Adaptations Assessment; South Carolina Secedes Assessment - Wednesday
  • Daily Detective - Friday

Multiplication Congratulations!

Congratulations to the following students:

9 - Tegan

11 - Landon, Stevye, Baylee, Kolton, Makhi, Emily, and Angello

12 - Landon, Drake

Mixed Review #1 - Olivia, Rebecca

Mixed Review #2 - Elijah

Count Down to Kindergarten!

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has or anyone who knows somebody who has a rising kindergartener. This program is free for families that qualify, but spots are limited. If you are interested, or know anyone who might be interested, please contact the school.

Upcoming Events:

  • May 4th - May 8th - Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Tuesday, May 5th - Remember to vote!

  • Wednesday, May 6th - School Nurse Day

  • Thursday, May 7th - Mrs. Idehenre's Birthday; Red PE Club; 4th & 5th Grade PASS Science

  • Friday, May 8th - 4th & 5th Grade PASS Social Studies

  • May 12th - 19th - 3rd Grade MAP Testing

  • Friday, May 15th - 3rd Grade to Winthrop Ballet

  • Friday, May 22nd - Field Day (Contact Mr. McDaniel if interested in helping)