Who Has the Most Fulfilling Life?

By: Alex Mohr

American Student Daily life

Most people would say that kids from America have the most fulfilling lives. In fact, most American kids (on a school day):

  • get 9.4 hours of sleep
  • spend 6.6 hours at school
  • spend 3.5 hours on video games
  • spend 2.5 hours playing sports
  • spend 1 hour each on homework and food

American Student Daily Weekend

Most kids in America would spend their weekends like this:

  • 10 hours of sleep
  • 2 hours of TV
  • 4 hours playing sports
  • 4.5 hours with friends
  • 2 hours playing video games
  • 1.5 hours eating (total)

Nepal Student Week Day

However, a kid from Nepal spends their week like this:

  • 16 hours working
  • 7 hours sleeping
  • 1 hour eating

Nepal Student Weekend

And a kid from Nepal would spend their average weekend like this:

  • 9 hours of sleep
  • 9 hours of works
  • 3 hours playing sports
  • 2 hours with friends
  • 1 hour eating

Analysis So Far....

Obviously, America is better off than Nepal. Nepal is a developing country, so it's all hands on deck, which means no school. America also eats better and has more entertainment opportunities. So far, it looks like American kids have more fulfilling lives.

Egyptian Average Week

The average Egyptian student gets:

  • 9 hours of sleep
  • 7 hours of school
  • 3 hours of video games
  • 2 hours to eat
  • 1.5 hours for homework and sports

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Egyptian Weekend

For their weekend, Egyptian kids get:

  • 12 hours of sleep
  • 3 hours of video games
  • 3 hours to spend with friends
  • 2 hours for sports
  • 1.5 hours to eat

Final Analysis

It looks like both Americans and Egyptians have fulfilling lifestyles. Both countries have schools (though Egypt has less hours day), and both have many entertainment opportunities. So it appears only Nepal is not having a good time.