My Ithaca

Goals, Obstacles, and Supporters.

Make my parents proud

One of my goals is to make my parents proud of the daughter they have raised. Being the oldest they always have higher expectations of me. This relates to Odysseus and Ithaca because when his son was born he went off to Troy to fight off the Trojans and get past Hector. When he defeated them he was proud of it. However, he did have obstacles getting to where he wanted to be. However, he had the help of Athena and he had his supporters that helped him to get through the war. Same way for me, I will have obstacles because nobody is perfect. I will make mistakes that will make my parents upset but you only learn from your mistakes, right ? Through the journey I will have supporters such as my parents themselves and I will have friends to pick me up when I feel as if I can't keep on going.

Graduating Highschool

Another one of my goals is to graduate highschool. Graduating highschool relates to Odysseus because it is a goal of mine. Like in the Odyssey, all he wanted to do was get back to Ithaca to be with his family, his world. However, throughout his journey he encountered many obstacles which stopped him from reaching his goal but he never gave up. Even after 15 years of trying to reach Ithaca on a boat he never gave up. That is how I am, throughout my highschool experience I will hit obstacles that will try to stop me from graduating but I have to work my way around them. Obstacles like these include grades, community service hours, and etc. I won't give up on my dreams which will also make my parents proud speaking from experience. Coming from a family where both parents did not graduate highschhol, we struggle. Although, we make it through and being the oldest, I want to graduate highschool and go further than my parents ever could because they didn't have the money to go to school. I know my parents will always be my biggest suporters in graduating and going through highschool.

Going off to Medical School

Ever since I could speak I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Somehow, it never changed throughout all my years. I've always had a mindset that I was going to go to college and become a doctor. I have changed what I want to do but I know I will be a doctor. This goal relates to Odysseus in the sense that he so much wanted to reach Ithaca and he waited all these years to finally see his wife again. And when he finally reaches Ithaca, Athena turns him into a beggar to fool the suitors and to get answers out of them. Through all of Odysseus' obstacles he never changed his mind on what he wanted. He always had a set mindset and that was what made him never give up. He also had supporters like his wife and his son who always had the hope and faith that he was still alive and was still coming back despite what anyone told him and he knew that so it kept him going. As for me through medical school, to go through medical school I will have to balance it financially, mentally, and physically. My parents, relatives, and friends keep me sane and take away the stress. They will be my biggest supporters and will cheer me on so that I can keep striving for success.

Become an OB/GYN

Going through med school and becoming an Obstetrician are both my goals and they go together. To become the doctor that I want to be and specialize in the area that I love to work in is probably my biggest goal overall. Through all the years of college, and internship will probably take a toll on me. However, looking back through the years I will be proud of what I have gone through and how much I have accomplished. Odysseus and I compare to each other because we both will encounter obstacles such as the people who don't want us to be successful, and the jealous people, and the ones who just don't like you. Although, Odysseus was able to get to Ithaca because of his long days and nights of looking for what we want. I, myself, want to become an ob/gyn and I will achieve it one day and I will look back through all my obstacles and think to myself 'Wow Natalie, you made it. Through all the stormy days you were able to get to where you are today.' Odysseus and I both had supporters and still do. Supporters like family, and friends, and those closest to you. With the help of all these people he was able to make it and so will I.