Mearliyn smith

we need grandmas cause we arnt going to spoil are selfs

Mearliyn smith is my grandma,she 76 years old she lives In Martinez California . she was a stay at home mom who raised 7 kids, and has 27 grandkids. her husband died about 5 years ago. He worked in the he millatary and retired and became Civil engineer.she moved all around when she was a kid, because her dad was working for a company that was transferring him a lot.

Listen to your parents

When she was eleven her mother told her to pick some tomatoes from the garden she told her to hurry and be quick and do not play on the roap swing. She went to pick the tomatoes and thought she was super quick so she set the bowl down and just couldn't resist so she just had to get one swing. Just as she swang out over the steep hillside her grip slipped then fell and landed on her head. She split the her head open and it was bleeding really bad and she ran in side crying and her mom told her to go to bed then the next day she went to the doctor and she missed the first three days of middle school. The lesson she learned was to be obedient.

Kohlman smith

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