Mrs. Miller's Math Class

February 2016

Catching Up

It seems that since Winter Break, we have had very few full, five day weeks! Between snow days, cold days and holidays, our schedule has definitely been pretty sporadic. We also had district mandated MAP testing, which was completed during the last week of January. After working hard to get caught up, we are finally back on track (for the most part). We began working with Volume this week, and have learned to find volume by counting cubes. We also know to find the area of the base and multiply it by the height. Next, we will develop and use the formulas for finding volume.

Breakfast at Rockdale

If your child plans to eat breakfast at school, please help him/her arrive on time. Breakfast begins at 7:30, and ends at 7:50. At 7:50, students leave to go to their classrooms, and those arriving after 7:50 will not be permitted to take any food to their room.

Please help us by getting up a little earlier and getting to school in time to eat.