Martin Luther

Not Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther the German Monk


Martin Luther was a German monk Born on November 10th, 1483. His teachings inspired the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation and other Christian traditions. His parents names are Hans and Margaretha Luder and he was born in Eisleben, Germany. He was baptized the next day. He went to college at the University of Ertfurt. He got his bachelors within one year and his Masters in three! After almost being struck by lighting, she shouted "Ill become a monk!" and had to keep true to his promise, dropping out of law school. He began teaching theology at the Univerity of Wittenberg in three years after he received his masters degree in 1505.


Luther protest when he saw the Church getting abused. They were selling indulgences, which bothered his conscience the most. These indulgences reduced the punishment for peoples sins. In 1517 Luther submitted the Ninety-five Theses to the Church, pointing out all the wrong thing the Roman Catholic Church did. Pope Leo X in Rome heard what Luther complained about and Luther was excommunicated; his writings were banned. Even so, several German princes were listening to what Luther was saying. They wanted to do the morally responsible thing.

Interesting Facts!

  • He changed his name to Martin "Luther" because "Luder" wasnt academically respectable enough
  • He didnt see a Bible until he was 20
  • After 1521, Luther spent his life as an outlaw
  • He once supervised 10 monasteries
  • He almost died at the age of 19 when a dagger pierced an artery