7th Grade Knights Team

New Mark Middle School, NKCSD


4th quarter progress reports were handed out on Monday. Residency forms were also sent home with your student. Please let us know if you didn't get either one and we can send another copy home.

On Monday, May 20th students will be going on our last team field trip! We are going skating and having all you can eat pizza and soda at The River Roll in Riverside. We have team money to help supplement the cost of this field trip... the price is $5.00 per student. Signed permission slips and money need to be turned in by Monday, May 13th! (I will attach a permission slip to this team email!) Money and forms are being collected by Mr. Anwander.

Renaissance Field trip will be on Tuesday, May 21st. Lists of students who qualified for this year end field trip will be posted next week. Permission slips will be sent home at that time.

The new last day of school will be a half day on Friday, May, 31st.

CORE Classes

English Language Arts (ELA)

This week we began reading the novel A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. This novel has two stories that are told in parallel format. The main story is of a young boy, Salva Dut, a Lost Boy from Sudan. His story takes place in 1985 in Southern Sudan. The second story is of a young girl named Nya, it takes place in 2003. Their stories are intertwined and come full circle at the end. Students are about half way through the novel this week. We will be doing many activities with this novel in ELA class and in social studies. Students are really enjoying the story - ask them to share with you what they are learning!

Honors ELA: They are working on an independent author study project. They have time in class to work on their project but should be doing their reading at home. They are also reading A Long Walk to Water on their own in class.

Students took their final SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) test today. Expect to see those scores in the grade book soon. Those students who have been making the effort every night to read saw great jumps in their scores. Unfortunately, not everyone is putting in the practice! EVERY student should be reading 20 minutes a night at home!

Weekly Homework! There will be no more CE's or AoW's for the remainder of the year!

Social Studies: World Geography

We have been exploring the sub-topics of water and disease as it relates to to our novel study, A Long Walk to Water. Students have been researching the Global Water Crisis and the need for clean accessible water for everyone. Students designed informative posters about the water crisis and were able to create graphs and charts to visually show the dramatic statistics about water. Students have also studied the Sand Fly epidemic in the Old Fangak Village of South Sudan. Students have been able to make connections with the main character Salva Dut and are beginning to realize that even though they live in "different villages" they have similar needs and dreams as the people in South Sudan.


In math we have been working on understanding the similarities and differences between percents and fractions. Converting percentages into fraction form, and changing between decimal values and percentages.


In science we are making soda bottle rockets. The students have worked in teams to construct rockets that will be pressurized with air and water to see how well their design works when we launch them. The teams are broken into designated roles with a launch control operator, launch control safety operator, rocket manager, and launch pad safety/timer person. We are currently on “hold” for launch, and hoping that the weather next Monday will cooperate and we will be able to go outside and launch the rockets.

Help After School

Mr. Anwander and Mrs. Patterson are always available after school most nights until 4:00. Please schedule with us ahead of time if you would like to stay after to get extra explanation, work on homework or retake any tests.