Diesel Mechanic

Career Goal: To become a Diesel Machanic

Description about the Job

Nature of the Work:Work outside and indoors in not so great conditions. You may have to work outside on the ground in extreme hot or cold temperatures. You may not always work in the same shop or in a shop at all. You may have to leave the shop and work on trucks on the side of the road.

Education and Training:In order to get a job in this career, you have to go to high school, graduate, and go to college for 2 years and graduate from there. For training you need some on the job training, which mainly happens at college because they are mostly hands on.

Salary, Rewards, and Benefits:Low:$40,357,Medium:$44,377, High:$48,793 and the amount of money comes from the experience of the job and amount of years you work.

Outlook for the Future:In 2012-2022 there will be a 9% raise in the amount of jobs be created. Look like a good future demand and will need more people to do it because no one will really want to do the high physical demand this job requires.

Similar Careers for Further Research:Medium/Heavy Vehicle and Truck, Technology/Technician

Other Interesting Information:You maybe able to be the first on to work on a truck because its brand new and broke down or work on a really old trucks and everything in between.

Career Skills:You need, this job, to be patient and be able to be flexible and work in tight small spaces to fix things broken on trucks.

After High School:After you graduate high school, you need to go back to a Technical College and go to school for Diesel Mechanics and pass in order to get a job.

Programs of Study:3 years of Math, 4 years of English, 4 years of Social Studies, 4 years of Science, and some foreign language. You need the same amount of classes as you need to graduate high school.

When you will Work

Everyday, most weekends off, but everyday 10-14 hours a day just depends on how many trucks are in the the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you work on the trucks at? You may either work on them in a shop, or on the side of the road where you are called roadside service.

How often do you work? You will work like a normal job, you have certain hours or when they need you to work.

Do you work year round? Yes, because semis break down year round and they need someone to work on them so they can make money too.


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