Chartwell School: The Bulldog Bark

From: The Administration Office

March 18, 2021

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Important Message from Kate Mulligan

Dear Chartwell Families,

In February, you received an enrollment agreement from Chartwell for the 2021-22 school year. This is because our current families get priority consideration for their child to continue at Chartwell in the subsequent school year.

  • To secure your spot for next year, you must return the Enrollment Agreement and a non-refundable deposit of $1,500 for each child by Monday, March 22.

  • If you are currently awaiting a financial aid decision, you should return a signed Intent to Enroll agreement with your deposit of $1,500 for full consideration. This deposit is refundable up through May 30, 2021 if, once a financial aid decision is made, you determine you do not have sufficient resources through all sources (including our tuition assistance, which is limited) to enroll your child at Chartwell. After you sign an enrollment agreement accepting the adjusted tuition, this deposit is non-refundable.

  • On April 1, 2021 we will begin to offer Enrollment Agreements for the 2021-22 school year to new applicants. We have a record number of new applications for next year and we will not be able to accommodate everyone who applies.

  • If you have already determined that you do not intend to enroll your child at Chartwell next year, please email so that we can offer that slot to another family, and more importantly so that we can assist your family in a successful transition.

  • Early enrollment is beneficial for everyone, and helps us plan the staffing, class groupings, and program that will best support each individual child.

  • We will not guarantee a spot at Chartwell for your child if you do not return the enrollment agreement by the Monday, March 22, 2021 deadline.

More good news! This week, Monterey County entered the Red Tier, which allows schools across the county to open. We will still be following the COVID safety guidelines that are required, but there may be some changes to our protocols after Spring Break. Most notably, our High School will be back to campus full-time for all of their classes, Monday through Friday! They are currently on campus on Fridays using a hybrid model. We will have a SPECIAL Parent Tea on Wednesday, March 24 at 5:00 pm to present our back-to-school in Red Tier plan and answer your questions.

Our Spring Break extends through Monday, April 12. High School students will be on Campus starting the morning of April 13 for an 8:30 am start and a morning COVID Rapid Testing event. Lower and Middle School students will be using the Distance Learning Platform from Tuesday April 13 - Friday, April 16. This is to allow families to travel over the spring break, return by Monday, April 12 and self isolate at home before returning to school.


Kate Mulligan

Head of School


Pack Enough Food and Snacks and Label Water Bottles

Please remember to pack enough healthy food for lunch and a morning snack for your child every day. Also, all water bottles should be labeled with your child's name. Thank you!

Chartwell Family Network Updates

CFN COOKBOOK - Let’s Create a Chartwell Family Cookbook!

It has been an interesting year! Many of us have been in the kitchen using our time to connect and create delicious recipes. We thought it would be fun to put them all together and share them!

Please email your recipe to by March 31 with the following information:

  • Recipe Name
  • Student(s) name, family name
  • Recipe
  • Image

Please type the recipe into the email or send it to us in a Word document. However, if you can only scan your recipe in, we will take it and do the typing!

Lastly, if you are comfortable, we would love a few sentences describing why this recipe/food connects your family to this unique 2021-22 year. For instance, is it a favorite that your family made regularly? Is it a new food adventure your family or kids tried during COVID.


We had an amazing tea last night where the guest speaker and author, Dr. Hooton, came to speak with us about communication with a focus on teenagers. Many parents reached out and wanted to have more speakers like this. We would like to do more of these types of conversations!

Please send us the topics you are interested in and/or if you have a speaker in mind at


Big picture
Big picture

Save the Date: The Next Chartwell Community Workshop is March 25

Join Chartwell's OTR/L Lisa Benjamin to learn about and better understand our vestibular, proprioceptive, and interoceptive sensory systems. We will discuss what to look for when these systems are not integrated and how we can support our kids to better access their occupations of academics, socialization, and play. The Zoom link will be sent to all families in advance of the workshop.


California Wildlife Days: March 20-21

California Wildlife Day, celebrated each year on the spring solstice, will be held virtually this year.

This year's theme is Cultivating Resilience in a Changing Climate. Check out the website for pre-recorded presentations, activities, and live events.


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Artist of the Week: Maddie W.

Students in Mr. Whitman's classes are studying the Golden Age of Greece. They created art pieces representing ancient Greek vases and sketched designs inspired by the images they studied.

Artist: Maddie W.

Crayon and paint on paper

Big picture

Brain Awareness Week Spotlight: Students Learn about Teaching Structured Literacy

Chartwell's Teacher Training Institute has provided structured literacy training for more than 200 teachers throughout California. This program educates teachers in the skills and techniques to teach students with dyslexia how to read through an Orton-Gilingham-based approach.

As part of the school's Brain Awareness Week efforts, TTI Co-Directors Jodi Amaditz and Billy Swift held a training session with middle-grade students using their TTI curriculum to expand their awareness around how the brain learns and processes information.

Clouds: High School Outdoor Art Class


Recommit to the Chartwell Family Pledge

Returning to live school is not without risk. As a community, we must work together to foster the safety of our students, parents, faculty and staff. In light of the current statistics and increase in cases in California, we are asking our families to review and recommit to following specific community guidelines while we slowly and safely return to campus. Please review the below “pledge” and, for the safety of our faculty, students, parents, and community, uphold the following commitments on a daily basis:

  • Conduct a health and symptom screening before your child leaves home each day. Keep your child home when they are sick or exhibiting symptoms of general illness. If the temperature reads 100.4 or above, keep your child at home for the day. A temperature check will be done upon arrival at school, and students with temperatures in this range will be sent home.

  • Wear a mask or cloth face covering to minimize risks to others when out in public, and clean and sanitize them often.

  • Come to school directly from home, and return home after school, minimizing stops to essential errands when possible.

  • Limit your child’s outside of school engagement to only immediate family or students in the same cohort.

  • Wash hands frequently.

  • Avoid unnecessary travel this includes visits to or from family and friends in other parts of California, out of state, or out of the country. We will not accommodate students who miss school due to unnecessary travel.

  • If travel is necessary you must notify us and self-isolate for 10 days after traveling. Your child cannot come to school during this time.

  • Avoid all gatherings and events - especially those where people are not adhering to state and local safety guidance.

  • Self-report to Chartwell immediately if your child or a member of your household has been exposed to COVID-19.

  • Wear masks (adults and children) when carpooling, with windows open if possible. Masks are required to be double layered and cover the nose and mouth,

  • Abstain from the practice of providing fever reducing medicines for the purpose of sending your child to school.

Not following the guidelines of the Chartwell Family Pledge may put others at considerable risk. We ask all members of our community to embrace with positivity and an open mind the changes required this school year, understanding that because of COVID-19, our learning spaces, activities, and other events may look and feel different than in other school years.

If you do not feel you can follow these guidelines, we encourage you to continue with the online learning model. Thank you for being part of our community and working with us to bring our students back together, where they learn and grow best.

Chartwell Support Site

We encourage everyone to visit this site created by our STEAM Director, Topher Mueller. He is the mastermind behind the creation of our Distance Learning Platform. You will find the most up to date information regarding the 2020-2021 school year, answers to frequently asked questions, and technology tutorials to support distance learning from home.

Chartwell 20-21 Support Site

Updated: Important Dates for the 20-21 School Year


April 5-12: Spring Break - No Classes

April 13: High School returns to on-campus learning; PCR Rapid Testing

April 13- 16: Lower and Middle School Distance Learning

April 19: All divisions return to on-campus learning Monday - Friday

May 21: No Classes - Teacher In-Service

May 31: Memorial Day - No Classes

June 9 - 8th Grade Ceremony

June 10: Last day of school LMS; Transition Ceremony

June 11: Last day of school and Graduation for High School/ Retrospectives

Faculty Birthday - March

March 1 - Matt Madron

March 4 - Shon Fields

March 15 - Helen Ruisi

March 24 - Topher Mueller

March 25 - Sarah Chavez

March 30 - Genee Cahill


Here Comes The Sun on a Kalimba

Here Comes the Sun on the Kalimba

Spring begins tomorrow, Saturday, March 20. Take 43 seconds of your day and celebrate the promise of more sunny days, flower-filled meadows, and time outdoors.


If you have questions for us, please contact one of the following Chartwell Team Members:

Head of School, Kate Mulligan:

Director of Lower and Middle Schools, Jodi Amaditz:

Director of High School, Alyse LeValley:

Director of Outreach and Family Engagement, Danielle Patterson:

Director of Campus Management and Safety, John Langrill:

Director of Advancement and Communications, Elena Mueller:

Technical Support: John Langrill at or Topher Mueller at