Nov 2017

in the HH Library

Literary Pumpkin Patch

We had the best time! You all knocked it out of the park. Every year they get more and more and more creative. I think I got most of them preserved on our IG account. Go to the link (even if you don't have an Instagram account, you can still see the pics) to see them. You'll need to swipe through to see all of them. I think I missed some, though, there were so many great ones! Below are just three.

Fall Bookfair

We super appreciate your support of the bookfair. First and foremost it means more books in the hands of our students. And then, of course, with the funds raised we are able to do things like add more books to our library and invite authors to visit with our students.


Now, it won't be until the end of February. BUT ... it will be awesome. He's written almost 20 books (Creepy Carrots is probably the most well known?) but below are just a few. Everyone I've ever talked to that has heard him speak says it is an A-MAZ-ING day to be remembered for all grades so it's really something to look forward to. You might want to think about one of the books for a holiday gift? We'll have a more formal ordering process in place in January but if you want to just do Amazon or B&N those books can also get signed.
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One Extra Book Per Student Over Thanksgiving Break

Just as a head's up ... I do usually allow the students to check out one extra book over the break to make sure they have PLENTY of reading. That means ...

PreK might have 1-3 books.

K-2 might have 3 books and

3-5 might have 4 books.

They do need to have a clear account (no overdues) for this privilege. We don't charge fines for late books but we do need students to return overdue books before checking out new titles. The best idea? Keep them in backpacks or bookboxes at school when not actively reading!

But with Electronic Library Resources Students Could ALWAYS Have FIVE EXTRA BOOKS!

Access to electronic resources has changed a bit this year. In order to access all digital resources students (Overdrive ebooks or audiobooks (awesome for holiday travel), Pebblego early reader nonfiction reference, Tumblebooks, Encyclopedia Britannica reference sources, etc) will go to Launchpad. This can be accessed from the top right of the main NEISD page or from the library webpage.

Username: first initial + last name (up to 10 letters) + last 4 digits of ID number @ (no spaces or + signs when entering online)

Password: Full student ID number

I know I promised a little video made sort of showing you how that is done. I've made it about five times already and then deleted it before uploading because there was something about it I wanted to change. Soon I'll get a version I can live with up! Watch the Harmony Hills ES Library FB page for when the video is posted!

If you as a parent would like to check out library materials (either print or electronic) please fill out this link and Ms. Oliverson will be in touch.

A Huge Thanks to a Special Volunteer

Just wanted to give a huge thanks to a special volunteer named Mrs. Sapp. She no longer has a student here at Harmony Hills but is a regular visitor to the library making sure those almost 3000 books get reshelved in the proper place in a reasonable amount of time so that Ms. O can work with students and staff. She is THE BEST!

Monthly Stats


From Oct 2-Oct 27 we circulated 2737 items. That's actually a low number ... usually it's much higher but one of those weeks was bookfair where that was all that got done!

We had over 40 storytime type visits, over 30 class checkouts, and over 50 kids visit on passes. There were several tech lessons on Biblionasium and several read alouds to older grades as well. I'd love to see all those numbers grow even larger next month ... with TWO weeks off!

Last but Not Least ... the movie for the book WONDER comes out just before the Thanksgiving Break.

Now it is rated PG so be aware of that before attending (I'm not really sure why as the book is very kid friendly, though it does deal with bullying so maybe it's language or something to do with that?) and make decisions based on what your family is comfortable with.

If YOU haven't read the book, though, I would highly recommend it. Talk about it with your kids as most of grades 4 through 5 have read it, and many of grade 3. Aask them what it means to Choose Kind.

The book is a tear jerker and the "word on the street" is ... the move is as well.