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The Amazement Of Convection

How Convection Flows

Convection is very important to the Earth's system. In a hot air balloon, heat helps the balloon ascend and descend with the help of convection. Convection, Conduction and Radiation are three modes of heat transfer. Each modes has it's own special way of energy movement. Convection is a transfer of heat through movement of fluids. Conduction is when energy transfer between materials.

What's convection?

Knowing Convection

Heat energy is transfer to the atmosphere when the circular motion of convection is happening. When you inflate a balloon, the heat in it will expand. Convection is hard to see. The heat and air conditioning can change the heat inside of your house. The only time you can see convection is when hot water is boiling. The cooler the temperature is, the more clouds it creates. Convection is the movement of tectonic plates. The ocean can cause the exchange of nutrients that humans need for help. To conclude, convection is in your everyday life.